Fortin Frederic, Robin Johann, Daude Gerard: Supple one-piece vertebral connector has central core with elastic fibres, fixings and polymerised resin covering. Fortin Frederic, April 12, 2002: FR2814936-A1 (78 worldwide citation)

The vertebral connector (1) consists of a central core (11) of elastic fibres operating in compression, a fibrous structure (12) that participates with the elastic fibres in the mechanical performance, fixings such as rigid rods (14a, 14b) with threaded ends (141a, 141b) for nuts (143a, 143b), and a ...

Kawakami Hiroji, Wakao Yoshiichi, Matsui Nobuyuki, Fukuda Yoshiaki: Antenna. Kawakami Hiroji, Hitachi Kokusai Electric, April 12, 2002: JP2002-111363 (64 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide antennas which can increase the number of turns of a coil, and convert magnetic flux into voltage, without decreasing its resonant frequency, with high voltage sensitivity.SOLUTION: For a magnetic flux converging means 1 as a composition of the antenna, a hole 3 adeq ...

Wang Zhaocheng, Stirling Gallacher Richard, Doelle Thomas, Boehnke Ralf: Cellular communication system and information transmission method. Sony Internatl Europ, April 12, 2002: JP2002-111627 (62 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To reduce or inhibit the interference of a pilot data, and to realize an accurate channel estimation having high reliability.SOLUTION: A plurality of base stations transmitting information containing data parts and pilot parts, at least one of which is allocated to each cell an ...

Simeray Janick, Chalandard Roger: Remote communicating game personal computer having game transducers sound/ultrasonic signals transmitting and computer with microphone processing detections/identifying signals/computer programme interacting.. Simeray Janick, April 12, 2002: FR2814965-A1 (57 worldwide citation)

The remote communicating game has a distant multimedia microcomputer programme acting on the programme. The game has transducers emitting sound or ultrasonic signals with the computer having a microphone and processing detections and identifying signals. The computer programme interacts with these s ...

Moriya Osamu, Kumaki Yoshinari: Radio terminal and radio communication system. Toshiba, April 12, 2002: JP2002-112347 (52 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a radio terminal that automatically switches a connected destination radio communication system depending on the contents of an application, a communication state, a state of a user, and a surrounding environmental condition or the like.SOLUTION: The radio terminal 2 ...

Sato Fumiyo, Kamio Yukihide: System and apparatus for radio communication. Yrp Mobile Telecommunications Key Tech Res Lab, April 12, 2002: JP2002-111631 (49 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a system and an apparatus wherein the effect of multipath waves due to a wide band is reduced, many users are accommodated and an efficient transmission is realized.SOLUTION: The total transmission band is divided into a plurality of bands. An access operation by a f ...

Cocquerel Vincent: Lace protector for sports shoe, especially for use when skateboarding, comprises cover with channel through which lace emerging from eyelet is threaded. Cocquerel Vincent, April 12, 2002: FR2814919-A1 (46 worldwide citation)

The lace protector for a sports shoe comprises a cover (5) with a channel (6) through which a lace (4) emerging from an eyelet (3) is threaded.

Kai Masashige: Advertising method. Kai Masashige, April 12, 2002: JP2002-109376 (43 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an advertising method that makes an advertisement retain firmly in user's memory by adopting the advertisement itself in a game element.SOLUTION: In a slot machine type pattern combining game, in which a plurality of patterns are respectively displayed on a plurality ...

Bertrand Jean Christophe, Dubois Martine: Atomiser for pharmaceutical products based on antiinflammatory agents comprises pressurized container, dosing pouch and metering valve. Menarini France, April 12, 2002: FR2814959-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

Atomiser comprises a pressurized container with a plunger tube (18), an elastomer dosing pouch (9), and a metering valve (8). The product is discharged through a nozzle (2) with an outlet (1). The valve has an orifice (16) through which the liquid from the container, pressurized by the dosing pouch, ...

Ide Yukihiro: Sticky bit generating circuit and multiplier. Toshiba, April 12, 2002: JP2002-108606 (39 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To further enhance multiplication speed by shortening time to be taken in a rounding processing by speeding up a processing of generation of sticky bit.SOLUTION: The sticky bit is directly generated from the sum of partial products of a carry save format before calculating a mu ...

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