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The present invention includes biocompatible coatings and films for use on implantable medical devices and medical devices containing such coatings and films applied to a surface thereof, which coatings/films are present on the device in an amount effective to provide an inert surface to be in conta ...

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When an incoming call is undeliverable to a cellular mobile station 15 via a ground-based exchange station 9 of a mobile communication network 10 where an incoming request is made to the cellular mobile station 15 whose position has been registered in a ground-based system 11, a dual function is uti ...

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An optical device for an optical element to control a light path for emission light emitted externally from the optical element or incident light entered externally from the optical element, which includes a light reflecting member, a resin member covering a light reflection surface of the light ref ...

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In an antenna for communicating an electromagnetic wave, a first converger converges the electromagnetic wave. A second converger faces the first converger and includes a conductor plate having a through hole, into which a magnetic flux of the converged electromagnetic wave is converged. The through ...

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A composition containing a poly-functional molecule; a polysaccharide having a molecular weight of at least 10,000; and mono(hydroxyalkyl)urea and/or 2-oxazolidone crosslinking agents is disclosed. The poly-functional molecule contains at least two functional groups selected from the group consistin ...

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A light emitting diode is disclosed which is small and inexpensive and can emit a variety of intermediate colors of light with a single light emitting element chip and whose current consumption is small. This invention provides a light emitting diode which comprises: a substrate; electrodes formed o ...

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One or more element driving TFTs (20) for controlling the amount of current supplied from a power supply line VL is (are) provided between an organic EL element (50) and the power supply line VL. The element driving TFT (20) is placed so that its channel length direction is parallel to the longitudi ...

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In a game system having a monitor, an input unit for supplying a signal corresponding to a player's operation, and a game controller for executing a predetermined card game on a screen of the monitor with reference to the signal supplied from the input unit, the game controller decides a plurality o ...

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Device (1) comprises two retractor blades (21, 22) each having a proximal and a distal end and together forming an access channel. The distance between the blades can be changed by changing the cross-section of the access channel. A guide (30, 31) is arranged on the proximal end of at least one retr ...