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Known sequences are detected and identified in a fast fading environment using a segmented correlator and FHT (Fast Hadamard Transform) architecture. The incoming sequence of samples or data is segmented into blocks. Each block is individually detected using a correlator/FHT segment. Each sequence i ...

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The inventors succeeded in isolating a novel hemopoietin receptor gene (NR10) using a sequence predicted from the extracted motif conserved in the amino acid sequences of known hemopoietin receptors. It was expected that two forms of NR10 exists, a transmembrane type and soluble form. Expression of ...

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Injured nerves are reconnected and regenerated by inserting injured nerve ends into a collagen tube having an outer compact, smooth barrier surface preventing ingrowth of connective tissue, avoiding formation of scar tissue and allowing for unimpaired healing of injured nerves. The tube has an inner ...

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A novel, portable coordinate measuring machine comprises a multijointed (preferably six and/or seven joints) manually positionable measuring arm for accurately and easily measuring a volume, which in a preferred embodiment, comprises a sphere ranging from six to eight feet in diameter and a measurin ...

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Disposable under-shorts having a fit-gather laminate and capable of being produced at high speeds without complicating the construction of a production device. Disposable under-shorts comprising; a fit-gather laminate (2) formed by disposing between a pair of upper and lower non-woven fabric sheets ...

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Prosthesis for the replacement of a complete vertebral unit, whose assembly allows total removal and replacement of all the vertebral body's elements that are the pedicles with the joint facets and the lamina and has interconnection capability to a posterior fusion system which carries special screw ...

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The present invention relates to a mobile terminal (1) for a wireless telecommunication system, with a terminal control means (2) for controlling the functions of the mobile terminal (1), and a removable memory module (5, 12) comprising a memory means (7) and a memory control means (6) for controlli ...


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Cannulas, as well as cannula assemblies including gas filters, are disclosed.