Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Gracyalny Gary J, Santi John, Filipak Stanley, Matel Elliot J: Starting and stopping device for an internal combustion engine. Briggs & Stratton Corporation, LASKA Casimir F, February 28, 2002: WO/2002/016762

A starting and stopping device for an internal combustion engine includes an energy storing device including at least one elastic member. The elastic member is loaded in response to rotation of a main shaft, and the main shaft rotates in an unloading direction in response to unloading of the elastic ...

David Sherrer
Noel Heiks, David W Sherrer: Optical switch assembly and method for making. Haleos, February 28, 2002: US20020025107-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

An assembly and a method for accurately aligning optical fibers in an optical switch are described. An optical switch assembly is described having a pair of optical arrays mounted on a mounting apparatus. The mounting apparatus may include a base structure with either integral rails or affixed fiber ...

David Sherrer
Dan A Steinberg, David W Sherrer: Optical waveguide switch. Jones Volentine, February 28, 2002: US20020025104-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

A first waveguide holding member has a principal surface which confronts the principal surface of a second waveguide holding member. Each principal surface has a stepped configuration defined by an upper surface region, a lower surface region and a transverse region which separates the upper and low ...

Brian Goodall
Andrew Bell, Larry F Rhodes, Brian L Goodall, John C Fondran: Mold addition polymerization of norbornene-type monomers using group 10 metal complexes. The B F Goodrich Company, Thoburn T Dunlap, Hudak & Shunk Co LPA, February 26, 2002: US06350832 (17 worldwide citation)

A catalyst system and a process for the bulk addition polymerization or of polycyclic olefins, such as norbornene, methylnorbornene, ethylnorbornene, butylnorbornene or hexylnorbornene, 1,2,3,4,4a,5,8,8a-octahydro-1,4:5,8-dimethanonapthalene, 5,5′-(1,2-ethanediyl)bisbicyclo[2.2.1]hept-2-en ...

Jaime Braverman
Michael Allen Daley, Jaime Braverman, Rebecca Lyn Dilnik, Ronald Lee Edens, Yvette Lynn Hammonds, Tamara Lee Mace, David Michael Matela, Alexander Manfred Schmidt Foerst, Laura Jane Walker: Sanitary pad for variable flow management. Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, James B Robinson, February 19, 2002: US06348253 (37 worldwide citation)

There is provided a feminine hygiene pad comprising a cover adjacent a capillarity fabric having regions of high and low capillarity, which is adjacent a retention layer. In a preferred embodiment, a creped spunbond layer is used as the cover material and a co-apertured intake/distribution layer and ...

Erwin Meinders
Erwin Rinaldo Meinders, Hermanus Johannes Borg: Optical information medium. US Philips Corporation, February 14, 2002: US20020018870-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The optical information medium for rewritable recording by means of a laser-light beam (14, 15) has a first recording stack (8) having a phase change type recording layer (10), sandwiched between two dielectric layers (9, 11), and has a second recording stack having a phase change type recording lay ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Anthony B Faraci: Method of making a connection to a microelectronic element. Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, February 7, 2002: US20020016090-A1

A connector for microelectronic elements includes a sheetlike dielectric layer having a plurality of through holes desirably arranged in a rectangular grid pattern. Each hole is provided on one major surface with a generally laminar contact having at least one projection extending inwardly over the ...

Marcos Laraia
J Marcos Laraia: Circuits and methods for providing a current reference with a controlled temperature coefficient using a series composite resistor. AMI Semiconductor, Workman Nydegger & Seeley, February 26, 2002: US06351111 (23 worldwide citation)

A current reference circuit provides a reference current that has a controlled temperature coefficient and is relatively stable with supply voltage fluctuations. The reference leg includes a series of MOS transistors including at least one PMOS transistor that is electrically closer in the series to ...

Tammy Balzar
Yung Hsiang Huang, Rodney Carlton Christianson, Douglas Bryan Cole, Tammy Jo Balzar, Stephen Bernard Studee: Wet wipes container having improved strength. Michael J Bendel, Kimberly Clark Worldwide, February 21, 2002: US20020020709-A1

A container including a container base and a container lid that is connected to the container base. The container base includes a bottom and a front wall, a rear wall and a pair of opposed side walls that extend upwardly from the bottom to provide an interior for containing the wet wipes. At least o ...

Eugene Fitzgerald
Eugene A Fitzgerald: Buried channel strained silicon FET using a supply layer created through ion implantation. Samuels Gauthier & Stevens, February 14, 2002: US20020017644-A1

A circuit including at least one strained channel, enhancement mode FET, and at least one strained channel, depletion mode FET. The depletion mode FET includes an ion implanted dopant supply. In exemplary embodiments, the FETs are surface channel or buried channel MOSFETS. In another exemplary embod ...