Borkan William N: Spinal cord stimulation leads. Borkan William N, February 27, 2002: EP1181947-A2 (149 worldwide citation)

Various stimulation catheters are disclosed to lie along and stimulate tissue. The electrodes on the leads are various sizes to conserve the battery as well as allowing a more defined area of stimulation. It may also include multiple channels or passages for delivery of drugs, thermal or photonic en ...

Keidar Yaron: Method and apparatus for three-dimensional image rendering of body organs. Biosense, February 27, 2002: EP1182619-A2 (78 worldwide citation)

A method for mapping a structure in a body of a subject includes capturing a three-dimensional (3D) image of the structure comprising diagnostic information, and generating a 3D geometrical map of the structure using a probe inserted into the structure. The image is registered with the map, such tha ...

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The invention provides an intravascular stent prepared by applying to the body of a balloon-expandable stent a solution which comprises a solvent, a polymer, and a therapeutic substance and then drying the solution. Stents having a polymeric, therapeutic substance-releasing coating in which the coat ...

Oslund John C, Volk Chad J: Distal protective device. Microvena, February 27, 2002: EP1181900-A2 (57 worldwide citation)

A distal protection device provided with a filter basket having a self-expanding radial loop designed to position the filter basket within human vasculature and to hold the filter basket open during deployment.

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A hand-held information processing device, such as a mobile phone, has a thumb wheel that lets the user scan a circular array of options. Each respective one of the options is represented by a respective audio output that gets played out when the wheel is turned a notch up or down. This enables the ...

Hartley Jeremy, Diss Andrew, Cook Michael: Enclosure for electrical equipment. Stagwood, February 27, 2002: GB2366084-A (45 worldwide citation)

An enclosure comprises a base frame (40) and top frame (42) interconnected by a plurality of elongate struts (44, 46, 50, 52). The base frame has movable guide rails (70, 72) and the top frame has movable guide rails (106, 108) to which the struts are movably connected such that the position of the ...

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An improved wireless network provides intersystem handoffs between existing circuit wireless systems and packet systems. A packet wireless system is enhanced to provide translation between circuit and packet call models. A Media Gateway translates bearer traffic between formats used in each system. ...

Kondo Toshiyuki, Okada Hidetaka: Led lighting equipment for vehicle. Stanley Electric, February 27, 2002: EP1182395-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

In the conventional lighting equipment for vehicle using LED lamp, as the LED lamp irradiation angle is narrow, an optical irregularity making the luminescent surface spotted is generated, resulting in a feeling of wrongness of the viewer. Means to Solve the Problem. A LED lighting equipment 1 for v ...

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A method, system, program and data structure for selecting a path to one of at least two controllers. Each controller 14a,b provides access to storage areas e.g. Logical Unit Numbers of storage device 16 and path information is received by host computers 4a,b from the controllers indicating a prefer ...

Ferree Bret A: Apparatus for treating disc herniation. Ferree Bret A, February 27, 2002: EP1180978-A1 (42 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for treating disc herniation provide a conformable device which assumes a first shape associated with insertion and a second shape or expanded shape to occlude the defect which typically follows partial dissection. The device may take different forms according to the invention, ...