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A surgical drape and suction head combination for attaching the suction head to a wound area. The suction head comprises a planar flange portion and a tubular connector piece on a first face that communicates with an aperture extending to a second face. The second face is formed with projections tha ...

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An image matching gaming method suitable for use as bonus game on a slot machine is provided. The method includes allowing the player to have an active role in selecting the bonus award. The player is allowed to see all the awards associated with possible selection after his choices have been made.

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A system for event detection employs a collector that collects raw audit data made up of raw audit data records at an audit source; a database; an inserter at a downstream processing location that inserts Virtual Records into the database, including both a first type of Virtual Record generated in r ...

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A system for reading a two-dimensional image, and for comparing the two-dimensional image to stored data representative of a known image. The optical scanning device comprises a sensor for capturing the two-dimensional image, which sensor includes a light source for projecting an emitted light towar ...

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A method and system to automatically locate, download, verify, install, register and display computer software components from a computer network like the Internet or an intranet. The method and system is used to provide dynamic or interactive multimedia components in HTML documents with HTML tags. ...

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Devices, systems, and methods are provided for accessing the interior of the heart and performing procedures therein while the heart is beating. In one embodiment, a tubular access device having an inner lumen is provided for positioning through a penetration in a muscular wall of the heart, the acc ...

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A method is provided for processing an input command for a handheld computing device, comprising the steps of: measuring movement of the device over an interval of time with a motion sensor mounted to the device to generate a signal; analyzing the signal measured over the interval of time to determi ...

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The invention is methods and devices which a surgeon may use to stabilize the beating heart during a surgical procedure on the heart. Pursuant to the invention, a stabilizing device is introduced through an opening in the chest and brought into contact with the beating heart. By contacting the heart ...

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A game table system, adapted for multiple sites under a central control, for providing a progressive jackpot in a live card game played at each gaming table between a dealer and a player. Each gaming table has an ante bet region, a dealer card region, and a player card region. The game table system ...

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The present invention is a distal protection device for use with a delivery member. A filter assembly is located on the distal end of the delivery member. The filter is deployed distally of the region to be treated to capture emboli released during and immediately after the procedure. The filter is ...