Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Anthony B Faraci: Method of making a connection to a microelectronic element. Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, February 7, 2002: US20020016090-A1

A connector for microelectronic elements includes a sheetlike dielectric layer having a plurality of through holes desirably arranged in a rectangular grid pattern. Each hole is provided on one major surface with a generally laminar contact having at least one projection extending inwardly over the ...

Rode Melvin, Knockeart Ronald P, Delgiudice Gregory: User interface for telematics systems. Siemens Automotive Corporation, ROHLICEK J Robin, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/010900 (30 worldwide citation)

A combination of manual and voice input for a telematics system. The telematics system uses a menu-based interface to communicate with the driver. This menu-based interface is accessible to the driver using both manual interactions and by voice. A reliable manual input mechanism is available using t ...

Cook Robert Lance, Ring Lev: Suspension de colonne perdue avec elements detancheite a joint coulissant, Liner hanger with slip joint sealing members. Enventure Global Technology, Enventure Global Technology, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, February 7, 2002: CA2414449 (30 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for repairing an opening in a wellbore casing. The apparatus and method couple a floating tubular member in opposing relation to the opening in the wellbore casing.

Smith Timothy R, Rose Richard R, Yockey Joshua Sg, Martin Brian, Lass Len, Westerbug John, Johnson Kevin, Jones Joseph: Apparatus and method for transmitting and keeping track of legal notices. Copyrightnet, ROSE Richard D, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/011033 (14 worldwide citation)

A method is described for monitoring and managing the unauthorized use of copyrighted works on a plurality of Internet locations. Each Internet (11) location is coupled to the Internet (11) and hosted by a service provider (15a, 15b, 15c). The method comprises the steps for determining the unauthori ...

Atherton Peter S, Price David M, Whitefield James, Cao Miao Yong: Materiaux et construction dune etiquette didentification par radiofrequence a indication de modification, Materials and construction for a tamper indicating radio frequency identification label. Mikoh Corporation, Parlex Corporation, Mikoh Corporation, Parlex Corporation, RIDOUT & MAYBEE, February 7, 2002: CA2417616 (8 worldwide citation)

Materials and construction for a tamper indicating radio frequency identification (RFID) label (100) are provided to permit the destruction of the label or its properties in the event of attempts to remove the label from a surface (201) to which it has been applied. An adhesion modifying coating is ...

Falco Tony, Hristov Dimitre: Procede et appareil pour la localisation, la definition et la verification de lesions, Method and apparatus for lesion localization, definition and verification. Falco Tony, Hristov Dimitre, Mcgill University, MCCARTHY TETRAULT, February 7, 2002: CA2416887 (6 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for lesion or organ definition for the purpose of radiation treatment planning localization and treatment position verification. The apparatus uses a combination of an ultrasound imaging system and a diagnostic imaging system to acquire localization ultrasound images reference ...

Askill Ian N, Karnik Shane C: Methods for treating burns on mammalian skin to reduce the risk of infection and to minimize fluid loss. Flowers Park, Askill Ian N, Karnik Shane C, SWISS Gerald F, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/009765 (6 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are methods for treating burns on mammalian skin to reduce the risk of infection and to minimize fluid loss. Specifically, the methods of this invention involve the in situ formation of a polymeric cyanoacrylate film at the site of the burn. The cyanoacrylate film acts as a barrier inhibit ...

Shoshan Avi, Wasserman Alon, Mintz Eli, Mintz Liat, Faigler Simchon: Oligonucleotide library for detecting rna transcripts and splice variants that populate a transcriptome. Compugen, Shoshan Avi, Wasserman Alon, Mintz Eli, Mintz Liat, Faigler Simchon, ISACSON John P, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/010449 (5 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides oligonucleotide libraries capable of detecting RNA transcripts and RNA splice variants which populate a transcriptome and which are transcribed from genes or transcription units that populate the corresponding genome. The present invention also provides oligonucleotide ...

Chen Lieping: B7-h3 and b7-h4, novel immunoregulatory molecules. Mayo Foundation For Medical Education And Research, Chen Lieping, MACPHAIL Stuart, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/010187 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention provides novel B7-H3 and B7-H4 polypeptides useful for co-stimulating T cells, isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding them, vectors containing the nucleic acid molecules, and cells containing the vectors. Also included are methods of making and using these co-stimulatory polypeptides ...

Wholey Joseph Skeffington Iii, Larson Brond, Allin Glen John, Wakeling Tim, Serrano Martin A, Stanfill Craig W: Parameterized graphs with conditional components. Initio Software Corporation, JENCKES Kenyon S, February 7, 2002: WO/2002/011344 (4 worldwide citation)

A method (400), system, and program (106) for providing runtime graph parameter (1600) and conditional components for data flow graphs.