Ravi Laxman
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A chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process uses a precursor gas, such as with a siloxane or alkylsilane, and a carbon-dioxide-containing gas, such as CO

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A system and method for using electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve to treat epilepsy with minimized or no effect on the heart. Treatment is carried out by an implantable signal generator, one or more implantable electrodes for electrically stimulating a predetermined stimulation site of the vag ...

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Disclosed herein is a current control for a lighting assembly, which may be an LED lighting assembly, which may be a pulse width modulated (“PWM”) current control or other form of current control where each current-controlled unit is uniquely addressable and capable of receiving illumination color i ...


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An imaging engine and signal processing devices and methods are disclosed for reading various kinds of optical codes. The compact structure may include a two dimensional image sensor, apparatus for focusing images at different focal disclosures, an aiming system, a hi-low beam illumination system an ...

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Described herein are systems, methods, computer program products, and combinations and sub-combinations thereof, for enabling web content (as well as other objects) to be loaded on mobile devices (as well as other types of devices), and for users of mobile devices to operate with such web content on ...

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A Pachinko bonus game system for an underlying game machine. The Pachinko bonus game has a playing field with a plurality of rows of pegs. A ball is launched onto the playing field by a launch mechanism when an initiate condition occurs during play of the underlying game. A row of lanes are provided ...

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A smart electronic receipt system that provides intelligent receipts, called Smart Receipts, that electronically document a transaction between two parties and maintains a persistent connection between the two parties following a successful online transaction. A Trusted Agent on the Buyer's cli ...

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A light emitting device or image display includes a fluorescent material as a wavelength converter for converting a wavelength into another. The fluorescent material is disposed in a predetermined positional relation, to prevent external leakage of primary light and to extract secondary light made b ...

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A method of depositing and etching dielectric layers having low dielectric constants and etch rates that vary by at least 3:1 for formation of horizontal interconnects. The amount of carbon or hydrogen in the dielectric layer is varied by changes in deposition conditions to provide low k dielectric ...