James Reuss
Dennis E Bahr, James L Reuss: Method and apparatus for processing a physiological signal. OB Scientific, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren S C, January 15, 2002: US06339715 (145 worldwide citation)

A signal processing method, preferably for extracting a fundamental period from a noisy, low-frequency signal, is disclosed. The signal processing method generally comprises calculating a numerical transform for a number of selected periods by multiplying signal data by discrete points of a sine and ...

Benjamin J Feldman, Adam Heller, Ephraim Heller, Fei Mao, Joseph A Vivolo, Jeffrey V Funderburk, Fredric C Colman, Rajesh Krishnan: Small volume in vitro analyte sensor with diffusible or non-leachable redox mediator. TheraSense, Merchant & Gould P C, January 15, 2002: US06338790 (659 worldwide citation)

A sensor utilizing a non-leachable or diffusible redox mediator is described. The sensor includes a sample chamber to hold a sample in electrolytic contact with a working electrode, and in at least some instances, the sensor also contains a non-leachable or a diffusible second electron transfer agen ...

Haviv Toledano: Flexible annular stapler for closed surgery of hollow organs. January 15, 2002: US06338737 (441 worldwide citation)

A greatly improved flexible annular stapler for joining tubular organs is disclosed. The novel stapler features greater accuracy of operation and better control by the operator, as well as additional functions, such as internal illumination and viewing facility, and accommodation of a large number o ...

Chien Chiang, Guy C Wicker: Method to enhance performance of thermal resistor device. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, January 15, 2002: US06339544 (400 worldwide citation)

An apparatus including a contact on a substrate, a dielectric material overlying the contact, a phase change element overlying the dielectric material on a substrate, and a heater element disposed in the dielectric material and coupled to the contact and the phase change element, wherein a portion o ...


Michel K Bowman Amuah: Exception response table in environment services patterns. Accenture, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, January 15, 2002: US06339832 (271 worldwide citation)

A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for recording exception handling requirements for maintaining a consistent error handling approach. An exception response table is provided in which an exception is recorded. The context of the exception is entered in the exception response ta ...

John H Stevens: Methods for removing embolic material in blood flowing through a patient's ascending aorta. January 15, 2002: US06338735 (265 worldwide citation)

The subject invention relates to a valve replacement system together with methods of preparation and use, are provided for endovascular replacement of a heart valve in a host. The valve replacement system includes up to five components: (1) a prosthetic valve device, (2) a valve introducer device, ( ...

Yekutiel A Novik: System and method for fleet tracking. Integrated Systems Research Corporation, Roberts Abokhair & Mardula, January 15, 2002: US06339745 (243 worldwide citation)

The present invention is for a system for tracking and graphically displaying the positions of vehicles in a fleet, and interacting with the vehicles from a base station. The vehicles in the fleet are equipped with a G.P.S. receiver and communicate the G.P.S. information to a base station. A receive ...

Kevin G Rivette, Irving S Rappaport, Luke Hohmann, David Puglia, David Goretsky, Adam Jackson, Charles Rabb Jr, David W Smith, Brian Park, Warren Thornthwaite, Jorge A Navarette, Noura Bashshur: Using hyperbolic trees to visualize data generated by patent-centric and group-oriented data processing. Aurigin Systems, Sterne Kessler Goldstein & Fox P L L C, January 15, 2002: US06339767 (228 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and computer program product for processing data are described herein. The system maintains first databases of patents, and second databases of non-patent information of interest to a corporate entity. The system also maintains one or more groups. Each of the groups comprises any n ...

Arthur M Krieg, Heather L Davis, Tong Wu, Joachim Schorr: Vectors and methods for immunization or therapeutic protocols. University of Iowa Research Foundation, Loeb Health Research Institute at the Ottawa Hospital, Coley Pharmaceutical, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, January 15, 2002: US06339068 (227 worldwide citation)

The present invention shows that DNA vaccine vectors can be improved by removal of CpG-N motifs and optional addition of CpG-S motifs. In addition, for high and long-lasting levels of expression, the optimized vector should include a promoter/enhancer that is not down-regulated by the cytokines indu ...

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