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A wrinkle-free organic film having a high light transmittance and a uniform film thickness is obtained by forming an organic thin film on the surface of a substrate having a contact angle of the surface to water of 90° or higher, followed by peeling the film therefrom.

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A semiconductor memory device includes: a capacitor formed on a substrate and including a lower electrode, a dielectric film and an upper electrode; a selection transistor formed at the substrate; an electrically conductive plug for providing electrical connection between the selection transistor an ...

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The fine dark features in the images projected from strong phase-shifting masks used for microdevice lithography are accompanied by 180° shifts in the optical phase, produced by a topography pattern distinct from the pattern of apertures that define the bright features. A generic topography pattern ...

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PURPOSE: A system and a method for producing contents using the Internet are provided to maximize the mutual benefit of members and make the members share various contents by reselling the produced executing file to other members and by producing the contents at a low cost. CONSTITUTION: A member co ...

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A coating and method for a coating an implantable device or prostheses are disclosed. The coating includes an undercoat of polymeric material containing an amount of biologically active material, particularly heparin, dispersed therein. The coating further includes a topcoat which covers less than t ...

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A method for fabricating a semiconductor integrated circuit device of the invention comprises feeding oxidation species containing a low concentration of water, which is generated from hydrogen and oxygen by the catalytic action, to the main surface of or in the vicinity of a semiconductor wafer, an ...

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A system stream contiguous reproduction apparatus to which are input one or more system streams interleaving at least moving picture data and audio data, and system stream connection information includes a system clock STC generator for producing the system clock that is used as the system stream re ...

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To provide a laser apparatus and a laser annealing method with which a crystalline semiconductor film with a larger crystal grain size is obtained and which are low in their running cost. A solid state laser easy to maintenance and high in durability is used as a laser, and laser light emitted there ...

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A method of deploying a helical structure having at least one operative element within a bodily structure defining an orifice includes the steps of inserting at least a portion of the helical structure through the orifice in an uncoiled state and returning the helical structure to a coiled state whi ...

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A computer supported system especially configured for users to easily coordinate or harmonize apparel before making a purchasing decision. The embodiments include a body profile generating, encoding and decoding system. The system provides the conversion of a body profile code to fit with a particul ...