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Disclosed is a method of manufacturing a composite member in which a conductive portion is selectively formed in an insulator. The method comprises the steps of forming a photosensitive composition layer containing a compound forming an ion-exchange group upon irradiation with light having a wavelen ...

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A method for the preparation of citalopram wherein the aldehyde of formula 1 is converted to the corresponding 5-cyano compound of formula (I) 2 which is alkylated to form citalopram, which is isolated in the form of the base or an acid addition salt thereof.

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In this invention, a hydrogen recycle stream from a hydrotreater is heated before returning to the hydrotreater using the energy from a first shift reaction, thereby eliminating the need for a fired heater to heat the hydrogen recycle stream. This heat integration significantly reduces the overall c ...

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An operational amplifier (opamp) [74] coupled in a negative-feedback configuration [82][84] comprising a driving opamp [76]; a linear controller [78]; and a mechanism [80] controlling the driving opamp's [76] offset. A voltage signal Vin provided by the feedback network [82][84] characterizes all er ...

Barrett John: Bracket for clamping ladder to gutter. Barrett John, January 10, 2002: GB2367584-A (2 worldwide citation)

A safety bracket for a ladder comprises a bottom member (10) for positioning against the underside of a rain gutter (G) and resting against the fascia board (B) to which the rain gutter is mounted, a top member (20, 21) for positioning to extend into the rain gutter and against the inside-bottom sur ...

Kim Beom Seok: Roller set for correcting wire rods equipped with device for locking positioning bolt for stranded wires. Trefil Arbed Korea, January 10, 2002: KR1020000037422 (2 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: A roller set for correcting wire rods is provided in which a gap between upper and lower rollers is constantly maintained so that positioning bolts are not unlocked by themselves by mounting an appropriate unlocking prevention device on the positioning bolts for preventing generation of def ...

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Disclosed is an ink for ink jet recording comprising water, a pigment that is self-dispersible-in-water, and a water-soluble organic solvent, wherein said ink for ink jet recording contains a water-soluble organic compound having an S.P. value of 12 or less and a surface tension at 25° C. of less th ...

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The propylene production of a fluid catalytic cracking unit employing a large pore zeolite cracking catalyst, produces more propylene by adding a naphtha cracking riser and a medium pore zeolite catalytic component to the unit, and recycling at least a portion of the naphtha crackate to the naphtha ...

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A Balun assembly has a signal conductor (2) on the balanced side of a Balun, the signal conductor (2) being joined to a microstrip RF launch area 7 on a circuit board 6, the signal conductor (2) having a bend of axial orientation for lower cost, reliability, avoiding contact with a ground circuit pa ...

David V Pedersen, Benjamin N Eldridge, Igor Y Khandros: Attaratus for socketably receiving interconnection elements of an electronic component. FormFactor, Legal Department, January 10, 2002: US20020004320-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Products and assemblies are provided for socketably receiving elongate interconnection elements, such as spring contact elements, extending from electronic components, such as semiconductor devices. Socket substrates are provided with capture pads for receiving ends of elongate interconnection eleme ...