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The inventive cellular reuse plan uses a tessellating grouping of cells to form a pattern, which is then repeated to form a larger cell cluster. The invention uses a uniformly rotated set of identical or substantially identical cell assignments within a mosaic repeat pattern. The mosaic pattern uses ...

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A controllable crystal oscillator includes a crystal resonator having first and second electrodes, a gain stage having first and second terminals connected to the first and second electrodes for starting and maintaining the oscillation, first and second capacitor banks connected to the first and sec ...

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In a process for making prefastened and refastenable garments, a discrete article is transported in a primary direction of movement. The discrete article can define a leading half comprising first fastening components, a trailing half comprising second fastening components releasably engageable with ...

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A method for positioning side panels during manufacture of a pant includes positioning the side panels on side panel transfer devices. The side panels move perpendicular to a pant transport plane as the pant is transported in the machine direction and the side panels reside on the side panel transfe ...

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A cutting device is described having a base with an opening with cutting edges, and a flap articulated with respect to the base, the flap having a shape corresponding to the opening and cutting edges corresponding to the cutting edges of the opening. The cutting device is preferably provided as part ...

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A method of hydroforming a tubular structure of varying diameter along its longitudinal axis, comprising the formation of a tubular blank member by welding together, at their periphery, tubes of different diameters using electromagnetic pulse welding.

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The present invention provides techniques, including a method and system, for relocating data between storage systems. In one embodiment of the present invention a host collects usage information from a plurality of storage systems, and determines the relocation destination LU for data stored in the ...

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Described herein is a catheter system for delivering an L-shaped conduit into the body of a patient between the left ventricle and coronary artery. A shunt preferably made of semirigid material is inserted into the lumen of a delivery catheter. The delivery catheter is advanced within the patient un ...

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A current-reusing bleeding mixer capable of providing a higher conversion gain, linearity and lower noise figure employing a field-effect transistor includes a first to a fourth transistor and a first and a second load element. The first transistor amplifies a radio frequency (RF) signal. The second ...

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A machine (10) that can clean and spray coat the inside of a hollow pipe (14) can contain a support bar (16) and associated motors (6 and 8) with a moveable carriage (12) which mounts a thermal spray coating device (28) and/or an abrasion cleaning/profiling head (30) where a programmable controller ...