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This invention relates generally to the field of microarray technology. In particular, the invention provides an integrated macroarray device, which device comprises a substrate comprising a plurality of distinct microlocations and a plurality of microarray chips, wherein the number of said microloc ...

Odedra Raj: Sequencing method. Amersham Biosiences, Odedra Raj, HAMMER Catriona MacLeod, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/002813 (1 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a single molecule sequencing method comprising the steps of: a) attaching a molecule to a solid phase; b) incubating the molecule with a first composition comprising a first reporter moiety; c) detecting incorporation of said first reporter moiety; d) performing a reaction to eliminate ...

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The present invention relates to a digital situation indicator, especially a personal monitoring and alarm system. The digital situation indicator according to the invention consist of three parts: sensor module (SM) for monitoring desired data, heads-up display module (HUD) mounted in a facemask (F ...

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A surgical implant assembly (70) and components thereof, are disclosed. Such assemblies include a connector device (10) and an anchoring shaft (30). The assemblies are useful for insertion into bone and connecting a foreign object to bone via a polyaxial coupling mechanism.

Heuser Richard R: Catheter apparatus and method for arterializing a vein. Heuser Richard R, KOLISH Pierre J, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/002163 (1 worldwide citation)

A catheter apparatus (42) includes an arterial catheter (46) and venous catheter (44) insertable into an artery (30) and an adjacent vein (36), respectively, to a position for crating a fistula (54). The venous catheter (44) includes an expandable structure (48) to expand a portion of the vein (36) ...

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A method and device for position determination, in which one or more application (201, 202) requests a positioning method selection device (204) for positioning data. The positioning method selection device provides an application with positioning data using one or more positioning method (205 to 20 ...

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A dual-purpose medical device for drug delivery and secretion collection and methods for using the device are disclosed. The device for drug delivery and secretion collection upper airway treatment includes two primary components. The first component is a cassette (30, 90) connectable to an airflow ...

Michel J Philippe: Scaffolding. Stephan A Pendorf, Pendorf & Cutliff, January 10, 2002: US20020003061-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a bracing assembly for controlling the vertical orientation of an upright structure, the assembly comprising: an angle brace having first and second ends, the first end for attachment to a fixed point adjacent to the structure; and an adjustable connector for connecting the ...

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Lands and Cu wirings are formed on surfaces of a glass epoxy substrate, and a solder mask is formed on the lands and the Cu wirings to form a chip-mounting substrate. A bottom surface of the chip-mounting substrate is made rough, and a semiconductor chip is mounted on a top surface of the chip-mount ...

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An ammonia sprayer of relatively simple construction, which, when ammonia is to be injected into exhaust gases, greatly decreases the danger of an ammonia injection port being closed by an ammonia compound produced by the reaction of ammonia with sulfuric oxides in the exhaust gases; and an exhaust ...