Malik Ranjit: Ambifunctional perfluorinated polythers. Adhesives Research, Malik Ranjit, HELLWEGE James W, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/002668 (1 worldwide citation)

A novel crosslinkable ambifunctional perfluorinated polyetheris provided wherein the polyether is defined by the formula X¿1?-(C¿a?F¿2a?O)¿n?-X¿2? where X¿1? and X¿2? are different functional terminal groups which are capable of forming a crosslinked perfluorinated polyether by addition, condensatio ...

Tremain Geoffrey Donald: Method and apparatus for providing computer services. Ernst & Young, FLINT Adam, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/003220 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method are disclosed for providing one or more computer services to a plurality of customers (A, B, C). At least one virtual machine (VS) is set up on a real computer (30) for each of the customers (A, B, C) at the request of each of the customers (A, B, C). The or each virtual mach ...

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A butene copolymer, characterized in that it has a specific modulus of elasticity in tension, molecular weight distribution, limiting viscosity and melting point, and comprises a copolymer unit derived from 1-butene and a copolymer unit derived from an a-olefin having 2 to 10 carbon atoms (except 1- ...

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Disclosed are methods for detecting or quantifying one or more target polynucleotide sequences in a sample. In one aspect, a sample is contacted with first and second probe pair that are capable of hibridizing to a selected target sequence and a corresponding complementary sequence, respectively. Pr ...

Ratti Giulio, Grandi Guido: Immunisation against chlamydia pneumoniae. Chiron, Ratti Giulio, Grandi Guido, HALLYBONE Huw George, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/002606 (1 worldwide citation)

The genomic of Chlamydia pneumoniae reveals over 1000 putative encoded proteins. The invention provides a number of C. pneumoniae protein sequences suitable for vaccine production and development and/or for diagnostic purposes.

Foy Jérôme, Provost Serge: Above ground swimming pool support structure. Vogue Pool Products, Foy Jérôme, Provost Serge, MITCHELL Robert, January 10, 2002: WO/2002/002891 (1 worldwide citation)

An above ground swimming pool support structure(10) is made up a plurality of posts (24), wherein each post (24) is a blow-moulded unit having a base portion (26) and top portion (27) with a planar shoulder (34). A plurality of universal coping members (20) also blow-moulded are interconnected end t ...

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An optical gate according to the invention comprises a polarization divider to divide an optical signal into two orthogonal polarization components and to output them as a first polarization component which precedes in the time base and a second polarization component which follows the first one in ...

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In an optical pickup method and device of the present invention, a grating unit separates a light beam, emitted by a light source, into a 0th order diffracted beam and 1st order diffracted beams. An objective lens focuses the diffracted beams, sent from the grating unit, onto a recording surface of ...

Satoshi Hoshino: Electronic journal preparation system and electronic journal preparation method. McGinn & Gibb PLLC, January 10, 2002: US20020003891-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A customer selects a program in a program display portion 1. A face image pick-up portion 2 picks up a face image of a customer by a fixed camera and a card embossed image pick-up portion 3 picks up a card embossed image of a bank card by an image sensor provided at the insertion portion of the bank ...

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The present invention relates to compositions and methods for treating rheumatic disease by administering to a subject, soluble CTLA4 molecules that block endogenous B7 molecules from binding their ligands.