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An improved pulse oximeter provides for simultaneous, noninvasive oxygen status and photoplethysmograph measurements at both single and multiple sites. In particular, this multiple-site, multiple-parameter pulse oximeter, or “stereo pulse oximeter” simultaneously measures both arterial and venous ox ...

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A device for heart valve repair including at least one tension member having a first end and second end. A basal anchor is disposed at the first end of the tension member and a secondary anchor at the second end. The method includes the steps of anchoring the basal anchor proximate a heart valve and ...

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The present patent describes a three-dimensional inter-connected open cell porous foams that have a gradient in composition and/or microstructure through one or more directions. These foams can be made from a blend of absorbable and biocompatible polymers that are formed into foams having a composit ...

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The present invention relates to a video camera system which has a 360° range for video recording inside and outside of an automotive vehicle.

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An integrated message center operates on telecommunications equipment, having a display and a processor, to consolidate messages of different types for viewing and manipulation by a user. The telecommunications equipment receives notification messages corresponding to pending messages of different t ...

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A system and method is provided for analyzing customer behavior based on the time when those behaviors occur. This invention captures information about customer transactions and interactions over time, classifies customers into one or more clusters based on their time-based interactions and transact ...

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A device and method for lancing a patient, virtually simultaneously producing and collecting a small fluid sample from a body. The device comprises a blood collection system including a lancing needle, drive mechanism, kneading or vibration mechanism, optional suction system, and sample ejection mec ...

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The present invention provides a voice user interface with personality. In one embodiment, a method includes executing a voice user interface, and controlling the voice user interface to provide the voice user interface with a personality. The method includes selecting a prompt based on various cont ...

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An orthopaedic implant for implanting between adjacent vertebrae and a spine, includes a generally annular bag; and a hardened polymer with the bag. The method of fusing adjacent vertebrae in a spine includes the steps of forming an access hole in an annulus of a disc between the adjacent vertebrae; ...

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A method and apparatus are disclosed for interconnecting a circuit-switched telephone network and a packet-switched data network for communication among them. A signaling trunk of a circuit-switched telephone network is coupled to a signaling access server that is also coupled to a signaling, manage ...