Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Wilke Thomas A, Bracken Allen T, Watson Brent J, Thomas Fred C Iii, Deforest Marvin R, Ogden Dennis D, Reimann Mark L, Smith Theodore J, Penman Jeffery D, Shelton Todd R, Bauck Randall C, Greenhalgh David S: Method and apparatus for storing data in a removable cartridge. Iomega Corporation, SMITH T Murray, December 20, 2001: WO/2001/097224

An information storage device (10, 510, 610, 710) includes a cradle (12, 512, 612, 712) which can removably receive a cartridge (11, 411, 511, 611, 711). The cartridge contains a rotatably supported disk (91, 326-327), and a pivotal actuator arm (101) which supports a read/write head (107, 331-334) ...

Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Richard E Perego, David Nguyen, Billy W Garrett, Ely Tsern, Craig E Hampel, Wai Yeung Yip: Multiple channel modules and bus systems using same. Rambus, Ross D Snyder & Associates, December 20, 2001: US20010053069-A1

Various module structures are disclosed which may be used to implement modules having 1 to N channels. Bus systems may be formed by the interconnection of such modules.

Bob Ware
Arthur W Chester, Ke Liu, Robert A Ware: Catalytic production of light olefins from naphtha feed. Exxonmobil Chemical Company, December 20, 2001: US20010053868-A1

A C4+naphtha hydrocarbon feed is converted to light olefins and aromatics, by contacting the feed with a catalyst containing ZSM-5 and/or ZSM-11, a substantially inert matrix material such as silica and/or clay, having less than about 20 wt % active matrix material based on total catalyst compositio ...

Gerald Deboy, Wolfgang Friza, Oilver Haberlen, Michael Rub, Helmut Strack: Method for manufacturing a semiconductor component. Lerner And Greenberg Pa, Patent Attorneys And Attorneys At Law, December 20, 2001: US20010053568-A1 (7 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a method for producing a semiconductor component including semiconductor areas of different conductivity types which are alternately positioned in a semiconductor body. The semiconductor areas of different conductivity types extend at least from one first zone to a position ...

Lawrence T Levine, Kristopher J Stathakis, Christopher J Wolpert, Carl Triplett, Mengtao Pete He, Debra Park: Variable temperature vaporizer. Snell & Wilmer, One Arizona Center, December 20, 2001: US20010053283-A1 (6 worldwide citation)

The present invention suitably provides a method and apparatus for controlling the temperature of a liquid vaporizer heating element, and thereby the rate of evaporation and level of fragrance delivery from the same. In accordance with one exemplary embodiment of the present invention, the device ma ...

Jiang Yuqiu, Harlocker Susan L, Secrist Heather: Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of colon cancer. Corixa Corporation, Jiang Yuqiu, Harlocker Susan L, Secrist Heather, POTTER Jane E R, December 20, 2001: WO/2001/096388 (5 worldwide citation)

Compositions and methods for the therapy and diagnosis of cancer, such as colon cancer, are disclosed. Compositions may comprise one or more colon tumor proteins, immunogenic portions thereof, or polynucleotides that encode such portions. Alternatively, a therapeutic composition may comprise an anti ...

Gradon Lewis George, Smith Nicholas Charles Allan, Mcauley Alastair Edwin, Haycock Mark Joseph, Nightingale Chris Earl, Mahon Daniel: Breathing assistance apparatus. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, Gradon Lewis George, Smith Nicholas Charles Allan, Mcauley Alastair Edwin, Haycock Mark Joseph, Nightingale Chris Earl, Mahon Daniel, CALHOUN Douglas C, December 20, 2001: WO/2001/095965 (4 worldwide citation)

A CPAP system for supplying humidified gases to a user. Various interfaces are described for delivering the gases. A mask cushion including a deformable cushion and thin sheath is described. A forehead rest with a horizontal pivot is attached to the mask. An outlet vent to reduce the noise from exha ...

Teller Eric, Stivoric John M, Kasabach Christopher D, Pacione Christopher D, Moss John L, Liden Craig B, Mccormack Margaret A: Systeme de suivi de la sante, du bien-etre et de la forme, System for monitoring health, wellness and fitness. Bodymedia, Bodymedia, BORDEN LADNER GERVAIS, December 20, 2001: CA2413220 (4 worldwide citation)

A detecting, monitoring and reporting system includes a sensor device (10) which generates data indicative of physiological parameters of an individual and data derived therefrom when placed in proximity with the body. A remote central monitoring unit (30) generates analytical status data from the d ...

Anders Peterson William, Paull Lyons Arthur: Apparatus and method for driving many induction motors. Bae Systems Controls, December 20, 2001: KR1020010032068 (4 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: An apparatus and a method for driving many induction motors are provided to provide voltage and current to a plurality of induction motors over a single bus. CONSTITUTION: An apparatus for providing voltage and current to a plurality of induction motors(106) includes a control unit(100), a ...

Klessig Daniel F, Kachroo Pradeep, Shah Jyoti: Fatty acid desaturase gene and protein for modulating activation of defense signaling pathways in plants. Boyce Thompson Institute For Plant Research, Rutgers The State University Of New Jersey, Kansas State University Research Foundation, Klessig Daniel F, Kachroo Pradeep, Shah Jyoti, REED Janet E, December 20, 2001: WO/2001/096363 (4 worldwide citation)

A novel plant gene, SSI2, is disclosed. SSI2 encodes a stearoyl-ACP desaturase in plants and plays a key role in modulating plant defense responses. Also disclosed is a FA-derived signaling molecule(s) that can be manipulated through the up- or down-regulation of the SSI2 FA desaturase, resulting in ...