Michel K Bowman Amuah: Method for providing communication services over a computer network system. Accenture, Stefanie M Howell, Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly, December 18, 2001: US06332163 (848 worldwide citation)

A system, method and article of manufacture are provided for implementing communication services patterns. A fixed format stream-based communication system is provided and service is delivered via a globally addressable interface. Access is afforded to a legacy system. Service is delivered via a loc ...

Keith L Milliman, Frank J Viola, Joseph Orban III, Randolph F Lehn: Surgical stapling apparatus. United States Surgical Corporation, December 18, 2001: US06330965 (762 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device particularly suited for endoscopic procedures is described. The device can be used with both articulating and non-articulating disposable loading units and has a sensing mechanism for sensing the type of disposable loading unit secured to the device.


Michael J Tierney, Thomas G Cooper, Chris A Julian, Stephen J Blumenkranz, Gary S Guthart, Robert G Younge: Surgical robotic tools, data architecture, and use. Intuitive Surgical, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, December 18, 2001: US06331181 (649 worldwide citation)

Robotic surgical tools, systems, and methods for preparing for and performing robotic surgery include a memory mounted on the tool. The memory can perform a number of functions when the tool is loaded on the tool manipulator: first, the memory can provide a signal verifying that the tool is compatib ...

Marc Dymetman, Max Copperman: Marking medium area with encoded identifier for producing action through network. Xerox Corporation, December 18, 2001: US06330976 (600 worldwide citation)

Automatic actions can be obtained through a network using an area of marking medium with machine-readable markings that encode an action/medium identifier. The action/medium identifier identifies an action that can be produced through the network, and also identifies the area of marking medium. For ...

Vernon G Wong, Mae W L Hu, Donald E Berger Jr: Controlled-release biocompatible ocular drug delivery implant devices and methods. Oculex Pharmaceticals, Morrison & Foerster, December 18, 2001: US06331313 (553 worldwide citation)

Controlled release devices are disclosed which are biocompatible and can be implanted into the eye. The devices have a core comprising a drug and a polymeric outer layer which is substantially impermeable to the entrance of an environmental fluid and substantially impermeable to the release of the d ...

Daniel Quinto Bandera, Mark F Bregman, Ajei S Gopal, Sandeep Singhal: Systems, methods and computer program products for providing time and location specific advertising via the internet. International Business Machines Corporation, A Bruce Clay, Myers Bigel Sibley & Sajovec, December 18, 2001: US06332127 (528 worldwide citation)

Systems, methods and computer program products are provided for selecting an advertising object to be displayed within a Web page requested by a user based on the geographic location of the user and/or on the time of day. Systems, methods and computer program products are provided for validating an ...

Jim Freid, Michael E Landry, Erik J Wagner: System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate. Spinal Concepts, Eric B Meyertons, Conley Rose & Tayon P C, December 18, 2001: US06331179 (448 worldwide citation)

A spinal plate system and method for fixation of the human spine is provided. In an embodiment, the spinal fixation system includes a plate, a coupling member, a locking system for substantially locking the coupling member in a desired position, and an anchoring system to secure the coupling member ...

Shmuel Cabilly, Herbert L Heyneker, William E Holmes, Arthur D Riggs, Ronald B Wetzel: Methods of producing immunoglobulins, vectors and transformed host cells for use therein. Genentech, Burns Doane Swecker & Mathis, December 18, 2001: US06331415 (336 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to processes for producing an immunoglobulin or an immunologically functional immunoglobulin fragment containing at least the variable domains of the immunoglobulin heavy and light chains. The processes can use one or more vectors which produce both the heavy and light chains o ...

William T Haggerty, Phillip Andlauer, Stephen H Negus: Multicast switching. Enterasys Networks, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks P C, December 18, 2001: US06331983 (296 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for establishing connections in a switch-based communications network for multicast traffic. A source receives a multicast packet on an access port from a source host, determines a group address in the multicast packet, and composes and sends a “sender present” message to other ...

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