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Desaturase enzymes, and especially animal $g(D)?9¿-desaturases, and the use of such enzymes to alter fatty acid saturation, especially fatty acid saturation in oilseeds, are disclosed. In particular, the FAT-5 palmitate desaturase enzyme is disclosed. Also disclosed are nucleic acid sequences encodi ...

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The combination of fluoropolymer processing aid with foam cell nucleating agent gives a combined processing aid that is far superior to either individually when used in the extrusion of melt processible polymers.

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A downhole drilling apparatus for interconnection in a casing or liner string having a drill bit disposed thereon for enabling the drilling of intersecting wellbores without removal of the drill bit is disclosed. In a disclosed embodiment, the apparatus comprises a housing having a window. A whipsto ...

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Disclosed is a method of making a composite pigment of precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC) and a silicon compound. The PCC/silicate composite pigment made according to this invention imparts increased bulk, light scattering power, porosity and printing properties to paper and is also very cost comp ...

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This invention relates to an improved core sampling drill bit (10) which has a substantially increased crown height achieved by having a first set of primary waterway channels or slots (13) formed in an upper portion of the crown (12), and a second set of secondary waterway channels or slots (14) fo ...


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Method and apparatus for obtaining a sample of blood from a patient for subsequent diagnostic tests, e.g., glucose monitoring. In one aspect of the invention, an apparatus for carrying out the method described previously is provided. The apparatus comprises: (a) a housing (12) having a sealable cham ...

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In a magnetic random access memory circuit, the potential of all sense lines 121 to 124 are equalized, and the potential of all not-selected word lines 133, 135, 136 are equalized and the selected word line 134 is grounded so that a previously charged capacitor 114 is discharged by a current path pa ...

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A medical bed including a frame supported on pivoted support members wherein pivoting of the support members results in vertical movement of a patient support surface of the bed. The pivoting of the support members is accomplished by motors which are actuated by a control circuit operating in respon ...

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A diagnostic system is provided to aid a technician or engineer in diagnosing an internal combustion engine. The diagnostic system comprises an electronic control unit that is operatively coupled to a data storage device and to one or more engine sensors. The electronic control unit is configured to ...