Elliot Matel Elliot Matel
Gary J Gracyalny, John Santi, Stanley Filipak, Elliot J Matel: Starting and stopping device for an internal combustion engine. Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Michael Best & Friedrich, December 4, 2001: US06325036 (20 worldwide citation)

A starting and stopping device for an internal combustion engine includes an energy storing device including at least one elastic member. The elastic member is loaded in response to rotation of a main shaft, and the main shaft rotates in an unloading direction in response to unloading of the elastic ...

Leslie Hamilton, Rao S Bezwada, Mark B Roller, Murty N Vyakarnam, David A Dalessandro, Joel S Rosenblatt, Ram L Kataria, Lowell G Saferstein, James F Martin: Foam buttress for stapling apparatus. Ethicon, December 4, 2001: US06325810 (773 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for achieving hemostasis and pneumostasis along a staple line by utilizing a compliant bioabsorbable foam buttress which may be attached to one jaw of a surgical stapling apparatus by a biocompatible releasable adhesive.

Glenn A Kramer, Mark B Vogel: Hierarchical models of consumer attributes for targeting content in a privacy-preserving manner. Encirq Corporation, Fenwick & West, December 4, 2001: US06327574 (617 worldwide citation)

A system and method provide for the interpretation and augmenting of structured documents electronically delivered to an individual consumer's computer using consumer profiles developed from and maintained with information reflecting the consumer's online and offline transactions, by selec ...

Boris Chidlovskii, Natalie S Glance, Antonietta Grasso: System and method for collaborative ranking of search results employing user and group profiles derived from document collection content analysis. Xerox Corporation, Jeannette M Walder, December 4, 2001: US06327590 (539 worldwide citation)

A system for ranking search results obtained from an information retrieval system includes a search pre-processor, a search engine and a search post-processor. The search preprocessor determines the context of the search query by comparing the terms in the search query with a predetermined user cont ...

Mark Linehan: Four-party credit/debit payment protocol. International Business Machines Corporation, Joseph C Redmond Jr, David M Shofi, Morgan & Finnegan, December 4, 2001: US06327578 (532 worldwide citation)

A method, system, program, and method of doing business are disclosed for electronic commerce that includes the feature of a “thin” consumer's wallet by providing issuers with an active role in each payment. This is achieved by adding an issuer gateway and moving the credit/debit card authoriza ...

Colin C O Goble: Electrosurgical instrument. Gyrus Medical, Nixon & Vanderhye P C, December 4, 2001: US06325799 (529 worldwide citation)

In an electrosurgical instrument susceptible to varying load impedance, particularly varying load reactance, a fixed frequency radio frequency generator has an output stage (Q

Mark T Stewart, William J Flickinger, David E Francischelli, Rahul Mehra, Xiaoyi Min: Ablation catheter and method for isolating a pulmonary vein. Medtronic, Beth L McMahon, December 4, 2001: US06325797 (494 worldwide citation)

A catheter assembly and method for treatment of cardiac arrhythmia, for example, atrial fibrillation, by electrically isolating a vessel, such as a pulmonary vein, from a chamber, such as the left atrium. The catheter assembly includes a catheter body and at least one electrode. The catheter body in ...

Timothy C Dunn, Yalia Jayalakshmi, Ronald T Kurnik, Matthew J Lesho, Jonathan James Oliver, Russell O Potts, Janet A Tamada, Steven Richard Waterhouse, Charles W Wei: Microprocessors for use in a device for predicting physiological values. Cygnus, Barbara G McClung, Robins & Pasternak, December 4, 2001: US06326160 (471 worldwide citation)

The invention relates generally to methods, systems, and devices for measuring the concentration of target analytes present in a biological system using a series of measurements obtained from a monitoring system and a Mixtures of Experts (MOE) algorithm. In one embodiment, the present invention desc ...

Paul England, John D DeTreville, Butler W Lampson: Loading and identifying a digital rights management operating system. Microsoft Corporation, Lee & Hayes PLLC, December 4, 2001: US06327652 (448 worldwide citation)

The identity of an operating system running on a computer is determined from an identity associated with an initial component for the operating system, combined with identities of additional components that are loaded afterwards. Loading of a digital rights management operating system on a subscribe ...

Ed Anuff, John Dean Taylor, Miles Chaston, David MacLeod, Peter Leiser, Oliver Muoto, Seth Ladygo, Brian Slesinsky, Terry Joyce: Portal server that provides a customizable user Interface for access to computer networks. Epicentric, Swidler Berlin Shereff Friedman, December 4, 2001: US06327628 (417 worldwide citation)

A portal server presents an HTML page that comprises a plurality of modules that are formatted in a predetermined layout. Each module represents a network resource that can be accessed by a user through the portal. Some of the modules can be user-selectable, whereas others may be mandatory elements ...