Bauer Manfred: Mirror display. Spieler Andrea, November 21, 2001: GB2362494-A (94 worldwide citation)

A mirror unit comprises a mirror 3 and display 4 mounted behind the mirror and arranged to project images through the mirror. The images may be moving as well as non-moving with or without sound and in colour. The mirror 3 may be transilluminated by a light source 2. The display is preferably a TFT ...

Tokunaga Hiroyuki, Miyazaki Shoji, Baba Hideyuki, Inoue Yoichi, Iketaki Kazuo, Hamamoto Katsumi: Sample discriminating method. Matsushita Electric, Arkray, November 21, 2001: EP1156324-A1 (74 worldwide citation)

A glucose sensor system comprising the steps of using as a sample discriminating parameter a ratio (I/ DELTA I) of a measured current value I to the time-differential value of the current value DELTA I, defining a discrimination function that discriminates whether a sample is blood or control fluid ...

Kashti Amatsia Dr: Interface unit for providing bidirectional communication between utility company and user. Kashti Amatsia Dr, November 21, 2001: GB2362472-A (71 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a system which allows information to be transmitted from one or a number of utility providers to one of a number of customers, and vice versa. The information is received and accessible at the customer's premises via a display screen and user selection means connected to the ...

Wang Zhengfeng: Programmed electrical shoe sleeve machine. Wang Zhengfeng, November 21, 2001: CN01115351 (62 worldwide citation)

The electrical shoe sleeve machine for wrapping shoes on feet automatically includes two parts of main unit and wrapping material. The main unit consists of frame, conveying belt, motor, switch, pedal, cutter, roller, clutch, holder, wrapping material container, hawk and casing. The wrapping materia ...

王正峰: 全程序电动鞋套机. 王正峰, November 21, 2001: CN01115351.2 (62 worldwide citation)


Inoue Naoki, Obata Manabu: Disc cartridges. Sony, November 21, 2001: EP1156488-A2 (40 worldwide citation)

A disk cartridge (10) in which a pair of shutter members (18a, 18b) can be opened and closed smoothly and reliably, and a dust-proof property and an airtightness of a large opening portion (25) can be increased by reducing the space between the shutter members (18a,18b) and the cartridge housing (12 ...

Harada Yoshio, Takeuchi Junichi, Hamaguchi Tatsuya, Nagayama Nobuyuki, Mitsuhashi Kouji: Plasma processing container internal member and production method therefor. Tocalo, Tokyo Electron, November 21, 2001: EP1156130-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

It is to propose an internal member for a plasma treating vessel having excellent resistances to chemical corrosion and plasma erosion under an environment containing a halogen gas and an advantageous method of producing the same, which is a member formed by covering a surface of a substrate with a ...

Schnuell Dietmar, Brockmann Martin: Process and plant for filtrate generation from the stream of recycled sludge. Va Tech Wabag Esmil, November 21, 2001: EP1156015-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

A sludge waste water treatment process comprises: (I) discharging activated sludge and water from a first basin (1) to a settlement basin (2); (II) subjecting some of the activated sludge (6) to membrane filtration (8) in which filtrate (9) is drawn off; and (III) returning some of the activated slu ...

Hojeibane Hikmat: A helical stent having flat ends. Cordis, November 21, 2001: EP1155664-A2 (34 worldwide citation)

In accordance with the present invention, there is provided a stent for insertion into a vessel of a patient. The stent is a tubular member having a thickness and having front and back open ends and a longitudinal axis extending therebetween. The member has a first smaller diameter for insertion int ...

Coolbaugh Douglas D, Dunn James S, Geiss Peter J, Gray Peter B, Harame David L, Schonenberg Kathryn T, St Onge Stephen A, Subbanna Seshadri: Semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication. Ibm, November 21, 2001: GB2362508-A (33 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a semiconductor integrated circuit such as a BiCMOS integrated circuit comprises the steps of: (a) forming a first portion of a bipolar device in a first region of a substrate; (b) forming a first protective layer over the first region to protect the first portion of the bipolar ...