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An expandable well screen (36) provides increased collapse, torsional and tensile strength. In an embodiment, the expandable well screen (36) includes a generally tubular base pipe (38) and an external filtering media (40). The well screen (36) is configured to have sufficient torsional and tensile ...

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The present invention relates to electrochromic mirrors (1) and devices whose electrochromic element is composed of an electrochromic solid film (7) and an electrolyte (6) comprising redox reaction promoters and alkali ions and/or protons.

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Detection and monitoring of periodic breathing (PB) to provide an indication of changes in the hemodynamic status of a heart failure patient is accomplished by means for monitoring at least one of four independent physiologic parameters. The physiologic parameters are respiratory tidal volume, respi ...

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An impedance monitoring device is provided for monitoring the electrical impedance of tissue as it is treated with electrosurgical energy. Based on a predicted model of tissue impedance and a number of initial impedance readings, the impedance at which tissue treatment is completed is predicted. Mor ...

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A biosensor comprises, as shown in chart (1), a substrate (1); a conductor layer(2) consisting of precious metal such as gold and palladium or conductor such as carbon; slits (3a, 3b) parallel to the sides of the substrate; slits (4a, 4b) perpendicular to the sides of the substrate; a measuring elec ...

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An information recording medium includes a disk information area; a user area including a plurality of sectors; and a spare area including at least one sector which, when at least one of the plurality of sectors included in the user area is a defective sector, is usable instead of the at least one d ...

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The devices and methods disclosed herein are directed to altering gaseous flow within a lung to improve the expiration cycle of, for instance, an individual having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. More particularly, these devices and methods produce and to maintain collateral openings or chann ...

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An actuating mechanism for actuating a surgical tool of a surgical instrument comprises an actuating device having an actuator surface (21) whereby the actuating device is operable by applying a force to substantially any part (23) of the actuator surface (21) to place the actuating device in an act ...

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A surgical instrument for treating female urinary incontinence comprises a shank (10) having a handle (11) at one end thereof, and two curved needle-like elements (21A, 21B) which can be connected one at the time with the shank at the other end thereof to form a curved end portion of the shank and a ...

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The present invention provides an apparatus (20) for monitoring the condition of a heart failure patient (118) using respiration patterns. An implantable or other ambulatory monitor (20) senses the patient's respiratory patterns to identify the presence of periodic breathing or Cheyne-Stokes respira ...