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A method of playing a video wagering game is disclosed. The method includes at least a first and second segment, the method comprising the steps of:

Mark L Yoseloff, Russell B Dunn, Josef Alexander Hartl: Video game with bonusing or wild feature. Mark A Litman & Associates P A, November 6, 2001: US06311976 (675 worldwide citation)

A method of playing a wagering game comprises placing a wager in a reel-type video wagering game, and playing a first game segment in the reel-type video wagering game in which symbols are randomly displayed to the player. At least some displayed symbols may be non-monetary credit symbols, and after ...

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A method and device are provided for controlling access to data. Portions of the data are protected and rules concerning access rights to the data are determined. Access to the protected portions of the data is prevented, other than in a non-useable form; and users are provided access to the data on ...

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A system and method for automated collection and analysis of patient information retrieved from a medical device adapted to be implanted in a patient for remote patient care is described. A set of collected measures is periodically received from the medical device adapted to be implanted over a comm ...

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A vehicular rain sensor system for detecting precipitation on an exterior surface of a window including a illumination sensor that is decoupled from the window. The illumination sensor is preferably an imaging array sensor which communicates a signal to a control which further determines whether rai ...

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A method and apparatus for creating modifiable and combinable Speech Objects for use in an interactive voice response (IVR) environment. Each Speech Object is for acquiring a particular type of information from a speaker during an interaction between the speaker and a speech recognition mechanism. A ...

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An electro-optical device is manufactured by separately manufacturing an electronic component and an optical component and subsequently integrating the electronic and the optical components. Separate fabrication of the two components allows each component to be manufactured using processes which opt ...

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Utilization of a contact device placed on the front part of the eye in order to detect physical and chemical parameters of the body as well as the non-invasive delivery of compounds according to these physical and chemical parameters, with signals preferably being transmitted continuously as electro ...

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A method of operating slot machines permits a machine to be identified as available for team play. Upon being identified for team play, the machine is grouped with other slot machines and subject to bonus conditions dependent on the team play. Bonus conditions typically including selected bonus outc ...