Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Kurt Raab: Microelectronic components with frangible lead sections. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, October 30, 2001: US06309910 (15 worldwide citation)

Flexible leads for making electrical connection in microelectronic components include a frangible intermediate section. The frangible intermediate section is formed by a region within the lead having weakened mechanical integrity. The lead is formed by depositing a layer of lead forming material ove ...

Percy Chinoy
Yoginder Anand, Percy Bomi Chinoy: Reduced parasitic capacitance semiconductor devices. Tyco Electronics, October 30, 2001: US06310394 (1 worldwide citation)

Semiconductor devices comprise a substrate having a semiconductor disposed thereon with a layer of dielectric material, less than 10 microns thick, disposed about the semiconductor; the dielectric layer has a bond pad disposed on its upper surface a via lined with an electrically conductive material ...

Runhai Lu
Thomas M Vickers Jr, Rainer Packe Wirth, Jeffrey R Bury, Jesse Osborne, Runhai Lu, John Moreau, Lynn E Brower, Samy M Shendy, John Pickett: Derivatized polycarboxylate dispersants. MBT Holding, Renner Kenner Grieve Bobak Taylor & Weber, October 30, 2001: US06310143 (23 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to derivatized polycarboxylate dispersants for cementitious mixtures, including those mixtures with high percentages of pozzolan cement replacement and dry cast applications. In particular, the invention is directed to a cementitious mixture comprising cement, inclu ...

Brian Finlay Beaton, Colin Donald Smith, Francois Blouin, Guillaume Comeau, Arthur Julian Patterson Craddock: Intelligent touch display. Nortel Networks, Finnegan Henderson Farabow Garrett & Dunner L, October 30, 2001: US06310610 (1011 worldwide citation)

The system and method consistent with the present invention provides a touch-responsive graphical user interface for electronic devices. The graphical user interface determines a pointer size of the object making contact with a display and activates a function corresponding to the pointer size. The ...

Geoffrey B Rhoads: Linking of computers based on optical sensing of digital data. Digimarc Corporation, William Y Conwell, Digimarc Corporation, October 30, 2001: US06311214 (719 worldwide citation)

A printed object, such as an item of postal mail, a book, printed advertising, a business card, product packaging, etc., is steganographically encoded with plural-bit data. When such an object is presented to an optical sensor, the plural-bit data is decoded and used to establish a link to an intern ...

Paulina Glavich: Gaming bonus apparatus and method with player interaction. International Game Technology, George H Gerstman, Seyfarth Shaw, October 30, 2001: US06309300 (685 worldwide citation)

A gaming system provides a main game and a bonus feature with the bonus feature providing for user interaction. In one aspect, user interaction involves allowing a player to select at least some of a plurality of selectable items. When a selectable item is selected, a prize, multiplier or other item ...

David W Caldwell: Differential touch sensor and control circuit therefor. TouchSensor Technologies, Jenner & Block, October 30, 2001: US06310611 (563 worldwide citation)

A differential touch sensor apparatus for detecting the presence of an object such as a human appendage, the apparatus having a first electrode, a second electrode positioned proximate to the first electrode, a differential circuit connected to the first and second electrodes, and a pulse or other s ...

Patrick J Cooper, Todd Q Barker: Individual calibration of blood glucose for supporting noninvasive self-monitoring blood glucose. Diasense, Webb Ziesenheim Logsdon Orkin & Hanson P C, October 30, 2001: US06309884 (538 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for calibrating a noninvasive glucose monitor for prospective noninvasive glucose determination. Spectroscopic transflectance readings are measured on the patient's skin using a noninvasive glucose monitor. The patient's blood glucose level is measured with an invasive ...

Steven A Weiss: Gaming device and method for individual, head to head and tournament play. Steve Weiss, Bernhard Kreten, October 30, 2001: US06309299 (481 worldwide citation)

A gaming device which allows individual play, head to head play and tournament play and involves the utilization of at least three chance means, including a plurality of reels, a video display configured as a matrix upon which scores can accumulate and icons located upon the grid itself provided for ...