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Method and apparatus for obtaining a sample of blood from a patient for subsequent diagnostic tests, e.g., glucose monitoring. In one aspect of the invention, the method comprises the steps of:

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An electrosurgical system including an electrode assembly having two electrodes for use immersed in an electrically conductive fluid has a generator with control circuitry for rapidly reducing the delivered radio frequency output power by at least 50% within at most a few cycles of the peak radio fr ...

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An improved computer network security system and method wherein access to network resources is based on information that includes the location of the connecting user. In general, the less trusted the location of the user, the more the access rights assigned to the user are restricted. A discriminati ...

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Medical devices which are currently proposed to use elements made from shape memory alloys may be improved by the use of stress-induced martensite alloy elements instead. The use of stress-induced martensite decreases the temperature sensitivity of the devices, thereby making them easier to install ...

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A reduced keyboard disambiguating system. The keyboard has twelve to sixteen keys, nine of them labeled with numerous letters and other symbols, and those nine plus one more are associated each with one of the ten digits. Textual entry keystrokes are ambiguous. The user strikes a delimiting “Select” ...


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A method for playing a stand-alone and a bonus casino poker dice having X dice, each of the X dice having F faces with a different symbol thereon so as to form a set {S} of symbols on each of the X dice. The method of the present invention includes the steps of placing a wager; rolling the ...

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The present invention relates to a clip feeder arrangement for supportive receipt in a handle of a medical clip stapling gun, for the advancement of a plurality of clips seriatim by a trigger mechanism in the handle to a location between a pair of pincher jaws. A distalmost clip of the plurality of ...

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A method, and related composition and apparatus for repairing a tissue site. The method involves the use of a curable polyurethane biomaterial composition having a plurality of parts adapted to be mixed at the time of use in order to provide a flowable composition and to initiate cure. The flowable ...

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A computer system includes a host processor and an emulation coprocessor. The host processor includes hardware configured to execute instructions defined by a host instruction set architecture, while the emulation coprocessor includes hardware configured to execute instructions defined by a differen ...