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Organic light emitting devices are disclosed which are comprised of a heterostructure for producing electroluminescence wherein the heterostructure is comprised of an emissive layer containing a phosphorescent dopant compound. For example, the phosphorescent dopant compound may be comprised of plati ...

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A gaming device is provided in which a plurality of possible prizes includes both monetary prizes and/or an audio and/or motion picture output a performance of a celebrity. The output which is provided is one of a plurality of stored celebrity performances preferably selected at random.

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An endoscopic stapler includes a stapling head which is removably locatable on the distal end of an endoscope. The stapling head includes a stationary part which houses a removable staple cartridge and a movable part which includes an anvil for receiving and bending the ends of staples fired from th ...

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A player tracking system and method are set forth for tracking the play of a customer playing wagering games at any one of a plurality of gaming venues. The system and method includes a local database for each venue and a central database. In response to reading a player tracking card the player&apo ...

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The invention relates to an apparatus for self-treatment of diabetes. The apparatus is particularly advantageous by comprising a plurality of devices each of which has its own dedicated function corresponding to a number of acts which a diabetic must perform on himself. The individual devices are mu ...

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A method and apparatus for analyzing data from remote monitoring equipment, such as patient telemetry devices, and determining (i) whether an anomalous event has occurred, (ii) if an anomalous event has occurred, whether a physician should be contacted, and (iii) if a physician should be contacted, ...

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A spinal implant assembly is provided which has a stabilizer rod clamped into position within an anchor by means of a sliding closure member including a mating set screw or hook. The exterior faces of the anchor are contoured to optimize interface in the surgical setting. The anchor includes a U-sha ...

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An introducer for delivering into the vasculature a straight or bifurcated stent or prosthesis; a method for delivering into the vasculature a straight or bifurcated stent or prosthesis; a method of treating and angeological disease using a bifurcated stent; an endoluminal stent having perpendicular ...

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Two network communication protocols, one for routing and one for mobility management, are presented that are particularly suited for use with ad-hoc networks. The routing protocol is a proactive-reactive hybrid routing protocol that limits the scope of the proactive procedure to the node's loca ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide materials for suturing buttons which can be defeasibly attached to the cartridge of a stapling appliance and/or an anvil without using conventional pins, clips, welding and glue. SOLUTION: A buttress 80 has one or more sequential juts 82 and enough numbers, size and ...