Shiu Ming Wei: Multimedia message processing system. Shiu Ming Wei, October 11, 2001: TW459184 (30 worldwide citation)

This invention provides a multimedia message processing system which includes a user address registration processing system, a database and an external communication network processing system. The user address registration processing system enables more than one user to input the user address by him ...

Drmanac Rodoje T, Liu Chenghua, Tang Y Tom: Novel nucleic acids and polypeptides. Hyseq, Drmanac Rodoje T, Liu Chenghua, Tang Y Tom, HSI Petrina S, October 11, 2001: WO/2001/075067 (12 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides novel nucleic acids, novel polypeptide sequences encoded by these nucleic acids and uses thereof.

Okuno Toshio: Flat panel display or probe block support framework. Soshotech, Adtec Eng, October 11, 2001: TW459140 (11 worldwide citation)

A rectangular support framework of a flat panel display as an object to be tested or a testing probe block, the rectangular support framework comprising an upper cross frame plate which is capable of moving vertically alone with respect to a right vertical frame plate and which is capable of moving ...

Druliner Joe Douglas, Herron Norman: Process for the vaper-phase hydrocyanation of diolefinic compounds and supported catalyst composition therefor. E I Du Pont de Nemours And Company, October 11, 2001: TW458959 (11 worldwide citation)

A catalyzed vapor-phase process for the hydrocyanation of acyclic diolefinic compounds to olefinic nitriles in which the olefinic double bond is not conjugated to the triple bond of the cyano group, wherein a supported catalyst composition comprising at least one multidentate phosphite ligand and ze ...

Jian Yi Tian: Mouse interface transformation method and device. Sysgration, October 11, 2001: TW459196 (7 worldwide citation)

It is a mouse interface transformation method and device which includes a mouse controller, a mouse USB interface plug and a converter head. This invention uses the theory of the feature of different voltage between USB and PS/2 interface to detect the interface that connects to the mouse is USB or ...


Tabata Fumio: Ic cooling system. Ando Electric, October 11, 2001: TW459139 (6 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit cooling system capable of reducing the number of components for radiating heat, of controlling the generation of stress or bending so as to efficiently cooling the integrated circuit. The integrated circuit cooling system comprises an integrated circuit, a heat exchanger suppor ...



Delong Mitchell Anthony, Mciver John Mcmillan, Youngquist Robert Scott: Compositions et methodes de traitement de la perte de cheveux au moyen de prostaglandines non naturelles, Compositions and methods for treating hair loss using non-naturally occurring prostaglandins. The Procter & Gamble Company, Duke University, MBM & CO, October 11, 2001: CA2401731 (5 worldwide citation)

A method for treating hair loss in mammals uses compositions containing prostaglandin F analogs. The compositions can be applied topically to the skin. The compositions can arrest hair loss, reverse hair loss, and promote hair growth.