Duggal Anil Raj, Srivastava Alok Mani, Comanzo Holly Ann: White light illumination system with improved color output. Gen Electric, October 4, 2001: EP1139440-A2 (22 worldwide citation)

There is provided a white light illumination system including a blue LED and a luminescent material. The system color output is improved when a line connecting the LED color coordinates and the luminescent material color coordinates approximates the Black Body Locus on the CIE chromatically diagram. ...

Ma Zeying, Stramel Rodney D, Yue Shunqiong, Lu Kai Kong, Chou Hsin Chieh, Canfield Duane G: Color ink composition for ink jet printers. Hewlett Packard Co, October 4, 2001: EP1138729-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

An ink jet ink composition is provided for large format printers for printing on both porous, non-porous, and hybrid glossy media. The ink composition comprises at least one water-soluble dye and a vehicle comprising at least one co-solvent and at least two different surfactants, a non-ionic surfact ...

Koehler Joachim Dr, Birner Guenther: Method for preparing compositions of hair dyes and hair-tinting. Birner Guenther, October 4, 2001: EP1138374-A1 (22 worldwide citation)

Production of individually tailored hair dyes comprises: determining the color and quantity of dye required by a customer; providing hair dye chemicals; retrieving a mixing ratio for the desired color from storage; determining the required volumes of chemicals from the mixing ratio and the required ...

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A resin film for use in laminating for producing decorative laminates which are equal or superior to conventional polyvinyl chloride resins in suitability for embossing, processability, and long-term water resistance and can be significantly well-designed; and a decorative laminate in which the resi ...

Yamauchi Madoka, Moriwaki Masaru: Video game device, throw guide displaying method in video game, and computer readable recording medium recording throwing guide display program. Konami, October 4, 2001: EP1138357-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

A video game device in which a game screen displayed on a monitor is controlled by operating an operation unit, the video game device comprises a character display control unit for displaying a player character in such a manner as to be rotatable together with a throwing object character and making ...

Carlucci Giovanni, D Addario Roberto, Gagliardi Ivano: Transparent absorbing article. Procter & Gamble, October 4, 2001: EP1138293-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to absorbent articles, such as pantiliners or sanitary napkins, which have at least one region of the article which is transparent to visible light. In one embodiment to whole article is transparent.

Lipovsek Dasa: Protein scaffolds for antibody mimics and other binding proteins. Phylos, October 4, 2001: EP1137941-A1 (21 worldwide citation)

Disclosed herein are proteins that include a fibronectin type III domain having at least one randomized loop. Also disclosed herein are nucleic acids encoding such proteins and the use of such proteins in methods for evolving novel compound-binding species and their ligands.

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There are disclosed an ink-jet recording material comprising a support, and an ink-receptive layer provided on the support, wherein said ink-receptive layer contains at least one thioether compound having an alkyl group substituted by a hydrophilic group or a group containing a basic nitrogen atom, ...

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A method for communicating and a communications system apparatus (100) are disclosed. The apparatus (100) comprises a communications platform (106) and a gateway (108). The communications platform (106) is located in a stratospheric location and communicates directly with a user terminal (110-114), ...

Nozaki Hidetoshi, Inoue Ikuko, Yamashita Hirosumi: Solid state imaging device having a photodiode and a mosfet and method of manufacturing the same. Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co, October 4, 2001: EP1139428-A2 (20 worldwide citation)

A readout gate electrode (13a) is selectively formed on a silicon substrate. An N-type drain region (14a) is formed at one end of the readout gate electrode (13a), and an N-type signal storage region (15) is formed at the other end thereof. A P + -type surface shield region (21a) is selectively epit ...