Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III, Todd L Graves, Todd R Shelton, Paul Smith: System and method for cartridge detection and verification using signal comparison. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, October 2, 2001: US06297924 (4 worldwide citation)

A system and method which is used to identify and discriminate the type of data storage cartridge that has been inserted into a disk drive. A system for identifying a type of data storage cartridge having a marker comprises a light source for emitting light to illuminate the marker, a first photodet ...

Adam Shostack, David Allouch: Computer security. Netect, Hugh R Kress, Winstead Sechrest & Minick, October 2, 2001: US06298445 (447 worldwide citation)

In one aspect, the invention relates to automatically providing enhancements to computer security software whenever the enhancement becomes available. In another aspect, the invention relates to an integrated system for assessing security vulnerabilities of a computer and/or a computer network.

Charles A Eldering: Consumer profiling system. Expanse Networks, Douglas J Ryder, October 2, 2001: US06298348 (374 worldwide citation)

A consumer profiling system is presented in which consumer profiles are formed and updated based on their purchases. The consumer profiles contain both demographic data and product preferences. Purchase records are transmitted to the consumer profiling system which updates the consumer profiles base ...

Andrew M L Cheng, Philip E Eggers, Hira V Thapliyal: Power supply and methods for limiting power in electrosurgery. ArthroCare Corporation, John T Raffle, October 2, 2001: US06296636 (352 worldwide citation)

A high frequency power supply for applying electrical energy to a target site on or within a patient's body includes an electrical output driver, an output current sensor detecting the current output from the driver, and a power limiting device coupled to the current sensor during normal condit ...

Axel F Brisken, John R McKenzie, Robert F Zuk, Menahem Nassi, Mark W Cowan, Paul D Corl: Therapeutic ultrasonic catheter for delivering a uniform energy dose. Pharmasonics, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, October 2, 2001: US06296619 (345 worldwide citation)

A method of treating a target region in a body lumen, said method comprising: directing a uniform dose of ultrasonic energy from an interior of the lumen radially outward over a treatment length of the lumen, wherein the dosage of ultrasonic energy received at any one point along the length varies b ...

Scott D Wampler, William L Collins Jr, David C Yates: RF bipolar end effector for use in electrosurgical instruments. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Bernard Shay, October 2, 2001: US06296640 (340 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to a bipolar electrosurgical end effector for use in medical instruments. A bipolar end effector according to the present invention includes a tissue slot and electrodes arranged on either side of the tissue slot. The opposing electrodes are electrically connected s ...


Robert R Turnbull, Robert C Knapp, Eric J Walstra: Rearview mirror with integrated microwave receiver. Gentex Corporation, Price Heneveld Cooper DeWitt & Litton, October 2, 2001: US06297781 (329 worldwide citation)

An inventive rearview mirror assembly is disclosed in which a microwave antenna is mounted so as to receive transmissions from one or more satellites through the front windshield of the vehicle. The microwave antenna may be tuned to receive satellite transmissions from a position identification syst ...

Joel Kent, Arie Ravid: Projective capacitive touchscreen. ELO TouchSystems, October 2, 2001: US06297811 (312 worldwide citation)

An improved touchscreen utilizing two sets of electrodes that are fabricated in a single plane is provided. The individual electrodes of each set of electrodes are formed from a continuous length of a conductive material. Suitable electrode materials include fine wire and deposited conductive coatin ...

Merrick L Furst: Parallel web sites. Essential Surfing Gear, Fish & Richardson P C, October 2, 2001: US06297819 (311 worldwide citation)

Systems, methods, and apparatus (including computer program apparatus) for a browser-aware application delivery system. The System provides World Wide Web browser extensions based on server processes rather than on plug-in program modules loaded and installed on a user's machine. The system ope ...