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An object of the invention is to provide an oxide thin film which exhibits a widegap or transparency and p-type conductivity although it has heretofore been very difficult to form. The oxide thin film formed on a substrate contains copper oxide and strontium oxide as a main component and exhibits p- ...

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Output signals are served from a serving device to a plurality of browsing devices connected to a network. The output signals represent commands executable by each browsable device so as to display viewable data in accordance with specified page formatting. Requests from browsing clients are identif ...

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An insertion device and insertion set. The insertion device for inserting at least a portion of at least one piercing member of an insertion set through the skin of a patient includes a device housing, a carrier body and a driver. The carrier body is slidably received within the device housing for m ...

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Synchronization system and associated methods provide synchronization of an arbitrary number of datasets, including more than two datasets. To achieve this, a reference dataset is used to store a super-set of the latest or most-recent data from all user datasets to provide a repository of informatio ...

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A system for measuring the blood glucose level in a sample of a patient's blood. Consumable test strips (

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An electrosurgical system including an electrode assembly having two electrodes for use immersed in an electrically conductive fluid has a generator with control circuitry for rapidly reducing the delivered radio frequency output power by at least 50% within at most a few cycles of the peak radio fr ...

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A device for stabilizing at least a portion of the spinal column, including a longitudinal member sized to span a distance between at least two vertebral bodies and being at least partially formed of a shape-memory material exhibiting pseudoelastic characteristics at about human body temperature. A ...

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The present invention relates to patterning methods for organic devices, and more particularly to patterning methods using a die. The method includes depositing a first layer of organic materials over a substrate; depositing a second layer of an electrode material over the first layer of organic mat ...

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A slot machine networked to a central server receives preference data corresponding to a player from the central server and configures the game to match the received preference data. The player inserts his player tracking card into the slot machine, which transmits player identification data to the ...

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A vehicular tire inflation monitoring system is provided for a vehicle that includes at least one tire inflation indicator assembly, visible exterior of the vehicle, positioned at an exterior vehicle portion, such as at an exterior rearview mirror assembly. The at least one tire inflation indicator ...