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A system, method, and article of manufacture are provided for delivering service via a globally addressable interface. A plurality of interfaces are provided with access allowed to a plurality of different sets of services from each of the interfaces. Each interface has a unique set of services asso ...

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A knitted surgical mesh formed from a yarn. The knitted mesh has from 18 to 24 courses per inch and from 5 12 to 16 wales per inch, a flexibility of from 400-950 mg-cm/cm, a burst strength greater than 175 pounds per square inch, and a pore size percentage greater than 37%.

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A method of forming a metal layer having excellent thermal and oxidation resistant characteristics using atomic layer deposition is provided. The metal layer includes a reactive metal (A), an element (B) for the amorphous combination between the reactive metal (A) and nitrogen (N), and nitrogen (N). ...

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A multi-electrode capacitive position sensor functions as part of a computer pointing device that can be integrated with the computer's keyboard (

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A method of electronically presenting billing information, includes receiving billing information associated with a plurality of different billers, different portions of which represent bills for different payors. Requests are received from respective payors for current billing information, responsi ...

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A method and system for commanding and controlling diverse home devices is provided. A first home device capable of displaying user interface data is connected to a home network. A second home device stores user interface data that defines a user interface for commanding and controlling the second h ...

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A porous implantable prosthesis is loaded with a substance for subsequent application to biological tissues. A method according to loading the substance to the porous prosthesis is provided. A first fluid in combination with an added substance is applied to the porous prosthesis. During the applicat ...

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Apparatus system and method for cauterizing a volume of tissue wherein electrode assemblies are deployed from the forward end region of an instrument in conjunction with an electrosurgical cutting activity. Upon deployment to one or more deployed orientations, the electrodes assemblies are made biac ...

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A medical diagnosis and monitoring equipment has wireless electrodes, which are attached to the surface of the skin of the patient. The electrodes comprise a digital transmitting and receiving unit with antenna and microsensors. The electrodes can be used, among other things, for detecting EEG- and ...

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Dynamic tournament gaming method and system, including the provision of a plurality of gaming terminals selectively interlinkable together with a host terminal so that current players of the terminals desiring to participate in group tournament play can be notified of the opportunity and provided wi ...