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A retractor 1 for retracting the margins 2 of a wound opening 3 comprises an inner O-ring 5 attached to a sleeve 6 at a distal end and a reinforcing ring 9 mounted to the proximal end of the sleeve 6. The sleeve 6 is led between an inner annular ring 10 and a corresponding recess 16 in an outer ring ...

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A novel apparatus and method for rapidly generating an electrical map of a chamber of a heart utilizes a catheter including a body having a proximal end and a distal end. The distal end has a distal tip and an array of non-contact electrodes having a proximal end and a distal end and at least one lo ...

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The present invention provides an AV data recording apparatus and method that facilitate various processes concerning a recorded video, including continuous reproduction, digital transmission, file operation, partial deletion, and post-recording. The AV data recording apparatus divides an audio sign ...

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The present invention is an adjustment method for a projection optical system which allows measuring the relationship (dependency) of the fluctuation amount of the image formation characteristics of the projection optical system with respect to the change of the installation environment (e.g. barome ...


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A hypodermic needleless injection system for injecting a liquid medication, which system comprises: (a) a medication unit configured and dimensioned to store a volume of liquid to be injected, the medication unit having a first region and a second region that are in liquid communication with each ot ...

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A variable road feedback device (20) for a steer-by-wire system (50) comprises a housing (31) that contains a magnetorheological fluid (32), a magnetic field generator (34) for generating a variable magnetic field within the housing (31) in order to vary the viscous resistance of the magnetorheologi ...

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A mask 2, 50 such as a laryngeal mask or face mask, has a soft annular cuff 21, 52 on a more rigid mount 20, 51 of funnel shape. The cuff 21 and mount 20 are moulded together by rotational moulding or the mount 51 is preformed and the cuff 52 is moulded onto the mount in a rotational mould 60.

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An EPG information display method wherein all or some of EPG information of a predetermined channel and time frame is displayed, in response to a predetermined zoom command, EPG information of channels or time frames larger or smaller in number than channels or time frames displayed immediately befo ...

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An Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) receiver (10) that detects and corrects a carrier frequency offset of a received signal is provided. The OFDM receiver (10) samples an incoming signal in the time domain and correlates (68) the samples with a stored version of a training or refere ...