Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott: Inflatable packaging cushion with a resistance wire. Sealed Air Corporation, Daniel B Ruble, August 21, 2001: US06276532 (23 worldwide citation)

An inflatable cushion includes top and bottom sheets. The top sheet is sealed to the bottom sheet in peripheral zones to define an inflatable chamber and an inflation inlet in fluid communication with the inflatable chamber. A resistance wire extends between the top and bottom sheets and at least ac ...

Vimal Vaidya: Dynamic signature inspection-based network intrusion detection. Internet Tools, Luce Forward Hamilton & Scripps, August 21, 2001: US06279113 (620 worldwide citation)

A signature based dynamic network intrusion detection system (IDS) includes attack signature profiles which are descriptive of characteristics of known network security violations. The attack signature profiles are organized into sets of attack signature profiles according to security requirements o ...

James M Lepper Jr, Mohamed Kheir Diab: Optical filter for spectroscopic measurement and method of producing the optical filter. Masimo Laboratories, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, August 21, 2001: US06278522 (494 worldwide citation)

An optical filter used in applications involving spectroscopic measurements is fabricated by depositing layers of optical coatings onto a substrate. The layers are deposited so as to have a substantially constant thickness in a first direction along the surface of the substrate, and a gradually incr ...

Richard A Korhammer, Kamran L Rafieyan, Keith P Chutjian: Securities trading system for consolidation of trading on multiple ECNS and electronic exchanges. Lava Trading, Bazerman & Drangel PC, August 21, 2001: US06278982 (483 worldwide citation)

A securities trading consolidation system where each customer uses a single trader terminal to view, and analyze security market information from and to conduct security transactions with two or more ECNs, or other comparable ATSs, alone or in combination with one or more electronic exchanges. A con ...

Melvin E Levinson, George I Golik, Matthew A Palmer: Filter for embolic material mounted on expandable frame. Scion Cardio Vascular, Robert C Kain Jr, Fleit Kain, August 21, 2001: US06277138 (385 worldwide citation)

The filter device captures embolic material in a blood vessel and is placed in the blood vessel via a guide wire. The guide wire has a proximal end, a distal end and a stop near its distal end. The filter device includes an expandable frame of frame struts having a closed, radially compact form and ...

Melvin E Levinson, George I Golik: Vascular protection and embolic material retriever. Scion Cardio Vascular, Robert C Kain Jr, Fleit Kain, August 21, 2001: US06277139 (365 worldwide citation)

The vascular protection and embolic material retrieval device is used in connection with a guidewire and a catheter sheath during catheter based procedures. The device includes a discontinuous loop of memory sheath material having an open loop shape when the loop is not radially restrained in the ca ...

John W Boyle, Lawrence A Shimp, David R Kaes, John W Morris, Erik O Martz, Todd M Boyce, Mark Daugherty: Ramp-shaped intervertebral implant. Osteotech, Dilworth & Barrese, August 21, 2001: US06277149 (359 worldwide citation)

A ramp-shaped intervertebral implant is disclosed. The implant has a body having a first end, a second end, a top surface and a bottom surface. At least one of the top and bottom surfaces is tapered and converges towards the second end of the body. An opening extends through the body and has one end ...

Philip Mark Tetzlaff, Steven Paul Buysse, Kate Ryland Lawes, Dale Francis Schmaltz: Open vessel sealing forceps with disposable electrodes. Sherwood Services, August 21, 2001: US06277117 (339 worldwide citation)

A removable electrode assembly for use in combination with a forceps having opposing end effectors and a handle for effecting movement of the end effectors relative to one another. The electrode assembly includes a housing which is removably engageable with the forceps and a pair of electrodes which ...

Todd W Pastrick, Michiel P van de Ven, Peter J Whitehead, Rick Mousseau, Niall R Lynam: Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, August 21, 2001: US06276821 (338 worldwide citation)

An exterior mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a signal light that provides an advanced notification system to approaching vehicles that the driver of the vehicle intends to turn or make a lane change. The exterior mirror assembly includes a housing with a reflective element and a positioning de ...

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