Anthony S. McCoppin
William J Nolan, Michael A Spohn, John Haury, Anthony S McCoppin, Frank A Lazzaro, Robert J Ashcraft, James Albert Dedig, Christopher J Blue, David H Berry: Injector systems and syringe adapters for use therewith. Gregory L Bradley, Medrad, August 2, 2001: US20010011163-A1

An adapter includes a syringe carrier adapted to seat at least a portion of the syringe. The syringe carrier includes at least one rearward facing abutment member to abut at least one forward facing surface on a syringe. The syringe carrier includes an opening therein to allow a drive member of an i ...

Lebel Ronald J, Shahmirian Varaz, Bowman Sam W Iv, Starkweather Timothy J, Villegas Daniel H, Weiss Philip T, Choy David Y: Appareil medical ambulatoire commande par microprocesseur pourvu dun dispositif de communication portable, Microprocessor controlled ambulatory medical apparatus with hand held communication device. Medical Research Group, Medical Research Group, OYEN WIGGS GREEN & MUTALA, August 2, 2001: CA2396613 (46 worldwide citation)

An implantable infusion pump possesses operational functionality that is, at least in part, controlled by software operating in two processor ICs which are configured to perform some different and some duplicate functions. The pump exchanges messages with an external device via telemetry. Each proce ...

Biscup Robert S: Implant de fusion spinale, Spinal fusion implant. Depuy Acromed, Depuy Acromed, GOWLING LAFLEUR HENDERSON, August 2, 2001: CA2383634 (10 worldwide citation)

An improved prosthetic implant (10) for forming a rigid structure (12) between adjoining vertebrae in a spinal column. The prosthetic implant (10) includes a cage (12) having a top (20), bottom (30), front end (40), back end (50), first side and second side (70) walls. The first side (60) wall has a ...

Wolfgang Pahl, Alois Stelzl, Hans Kruger: Method of producing a surface acoustic wave component. Siemens Matsushita Components & Co KG, Laurence A Greenberg, August 2, 2001: US20010010444-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

The SAW component has electrically conductive structures on a substrate. A cap cover encapsulates and seals the structures against environmental influences. An RF shield is placed on the cap cover. The RF shield is a metallization formed of a material layer sequence of TiW, Cu or Ni and Au which may ...

Katai Shunji, Suzuki Shintaro: Novel bisadamantane compounds, process for preparing the same, and novel biadamantane derivatives. Idemitsu Petrochemical, Katai Shunji, Suzuki Shintaro, OHTANI Tamotsu, August 2, 2001: WO/2001/055063 (4 worldwide citation)

2-(2-Methyladamantyl)-2'-adamantylmethane compounds of the general formula (I) [wherein Y?1¿ and Y?2¿ may be the same or different from each other and are each hydrogen, halogeno, hydrocarbyl, hydroxyl, hydrocarbyloxy, carboxyl, or hydrocarbyloxycarbonyl], and 3,3'-dialkoxycarbonyl-1,1'-biadamantane ...

Wobben Aloys: Eolienne dotee de deux rotors situes lun derriere lautre, Wind power installation with two rotors in tandem. Wobben Aloys, Wobben Aloys, OYEN WIGGS GREEN & MUTALA, August 2, 2001: CA2395612 (4 worldwide citation)

The invention concerns a wind power installation, in particular a large-scale wind power installation with an output power of more than two MW, preferably about five MW or more In accordance with the invention, for a large-scale wind power installation of that kind, there is proposed a rotor design ...

Goji Nakagawa, Kazuhiro Tanaka: Ferrule assembly and optical module. Staas & Halsey, August 2, 2001: US20010010742-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

An optical module including a substrate having a groove; an optical waveguide layer formed on the substrate, the optical waveguide layer including an optical waveguide core having first and second ends, the first end being aligned with the groove, and an optical waveguide cladding covering the optic ...

Rosen Craig A, Barash Steven C, Ruben Steven M: Nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies. Human Genome Sciences, Rosen Craig A, Barash Steven C, Ruben Steven M, HOOVER Kenley K, August 2, 2001: WO/2001/055320 (3 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel reproductive system related polynucleotides and the polypeptides encoded by these polynucleotides herein collectively known as 'reproductive system related antigens', and the use of such reproductive system related antigens for detecting disorders of the reprod ...

Geert Arnout Awater, Ran Hong Yan: Interoperability for bluetooth/IEEE 802.11. Docket Administrator, August 2, 2001: US20010010689-A1 (3 worldwide citation)

The key of the invention is to introduce an interoperability device in a communication system which integrates an IEEE 802.11 transceiver and a Bluetooth transceiver. The device prevents that one transceiver is transmitting while the other is receiving, which would cause interference at the receivin ...


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