Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Fred C Thomas III, Refael Bar, Daniel Alfonsi, Dai Feng, Jeff G Carter, Charlie M Monroe Jr, Ronald F Hales, George T Krieger: Readable indelible mark on storage media. Iomega Corporation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, July 10, 2001: US06259575 (5 worldwide citation)

A storage media is disclosed and comprises a storage body and a readable indelible mark formed in the body such that portions thereof are indelibly altered. The mark is read by writing first data to the body in the region of the mark, and reading second data from the body in such region. The written ...

Parichay Saxena
Parichay Saxena, Xiaohui Zhang, Hiroaki Nakano: Integrated communication center. Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 10, 2001: US06259449 (98 worldwide citation)

A system for integrating communication programs in a computer is disclosed. A graphical user interface includes a first interface screen which provides display areas for information regarding files and messages sent and received by the computer. The first interface screen also includes option button ...

Gary Shkedy: Method and apparatus for facilitating buyer-driven purchase orders on a commercial network system. July 10, 2001: US06260024 (764 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are described for providing a global bilateral buyer-driven system for creating binding contracts by incorporating various methods of communication, commerce and security for the buyers and the sellers. Individual buyers purchase requirements are aggregated into a single collecti ...

Joseph H Schulman, Charles L Byers, John C Gord, Rajiv Shah, Lyle Dean Canfield: Implantable substrate sensor. Alfred E Mann Foundation, Lee Jay Mandell, July 10, 2001: US06259937 (685 worldwide citation)

An implantable substrate sensor has electronic circuitry and electrodes formed on opposite sides of a substrate. A protective coating covers the substrate, effectively hermetically sealing the electronic circuitry under the coating. Exposed areas of the electrodes are selectively left uncovered by t ...

William Richard Dubrul: Bifurcated stent and distal protection system. Artemis Medical, James F Hann, Waynes & Beffel, July 10, 2001: US06258115 (678 worldwide citation)

A stent comprising varying porosity's for use in vessels with bifurcations or side branches. The stent allows for scaffolding of the stenotic area but still allows for flow into the side branches. A distal protection system is also described.

Matthew Joseph Anglin: Direct data retrieval in a distributed computing system. International Business Machines Corporation, David W Victor, Konrad Raynes & Victor, July 10, 2001: US06260069 (580 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a system for backing up files in a distributed computing system, such as a distributed file system. A backup request is initiated with a backup client program to backup a requested file. A determination is made as to whether the requested file is maintained in a shared name space. The b ...

Matthias Balázs, Ulrich Hagn: Apparatus for connecting a variety of surgical instruments to an operating control device. Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e v, Browdy And Neimark, July 10, 2001: US06258107 (536 worldwide citation)

For connecting a variety of surgical instruments for both minimally invasive surgery and for application in open surgery a push-button fastener is provided at the proximal end of the instrument to be connected in each case at the distal end of a shank part of an operating control device. Furthermore ...

Brett B Stewart, James Thompson: Geographic based communications service. Wayport, Jeffrey C Hood, Conley Rose & Tayon PC, July 10, 2001: US06259405 (523 worldwide citation)

A geographic based communications service system that includes a network and a plurality of access points connected to the network and arranged at known locations in a geographic region. One or more service providers or information providers may be connected to the network to provide services or inf ...

Stuart Edwards, John Gaiser, David Utley, Scott West, Jay Chin: Expandable electrode assemblies for forming lesions to treat dysfunction in sphincters and adjoining tissue regions. Curon Medical, Ryan Kromholz & Manion SC, July 10, 2001: US06258087 (465 worldwide citation)

Expandable assemblies for treating a tissue region at or near a sphincter comprises a support basket formed from an array of spines. A mechanism flexes the spines to expand and collapse the basket. Electrodes carried by the spines for advancement in a path to penetrate the tissue region upon expansi ...

Dachuan Yang, Joel L Stanslaski, Lixiao Wang, Scott R Smith: Stent coating. SciMed Life Systems, Crompton Seager & Tufte, July 10, 2001: US06258121 (455 worldwide citation)

A stent having a polymeric coating for controllably releasing an included active agent. The polymeric coating includes a blend of a first polymeric material, which if alone, would release the agent at a first, higher rate, and a second polymeric material, which if alone would release the agent at a ...