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Downlink transmission situation buffer 601 stores information on downlink transmission queuing cell for each communication terminal. Uplink transmission situation buffer 603 stores information on uplink transmission queuing cell for each communication terminal. Based on the information stored in upl ...

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A sweeping unit which can be affixed to a carrier vehicle or a trailer, comprising a supporting frame (2) and at least one motor-driven rotary brush (1) which is rotationally mounted around the longitudinal axis (3) thereof. The supporting frame (2) is provided with supporting wheels (7,8), whereby ...

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The invention relates to a method for enabling a user to define the filter conditions for accessing a database based on an input form (500), said form containing fields where a user can set the filter conditions for one or more fields of the datasets stored in said database, said method comprising: ...

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Powdery pernasal compositions containing a drug having a particle diameter of less than 10 mu m or a freeze-dried drug, a water-absorbing and hardly water-soluble base and a water-absorbing and gel-forming base. These compositions are excellent in drug absorbability.

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A permeation barrier fuel tank (10) for a vehicle includes a tank shell (12) having a wall formed from a plurality of layers (30,32,34,36). The layers (30,32,34,36) include at least an inner layer (30), an outer layer (34), a fuel permeation barrier layer (32) disposed between the inner layer (30) a ...

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A rotational angle detecting device outputs sinusoidal first and second detection signals as a result of the rotation of a rotor connected to a rotary member, and includes a storage section for updating and storing the first and second detection signals, and a controlling section. The controlling se ...

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The molded component is formed by mixing or laminating a barrier resin (A) having a solubility parameter (calculated from the Fedors' equation) of more than 11 and a thermoplastic resin (B) having a solubility parameter (calculated from the Fedors' equation) of not more than 11. The molded component ...

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The present invention relates to a terminal for a communication system. The terminal includes detector means 7, 8 that are arranged to detect a contact between at least one surface of the terminal and the skin of the user. At least one function of the terminal is arranged to be controlled based on a ...

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(57) Abstract: A low-pressure atomizing spray gun, wherein a plurality of V-shaped air grooves (1a) are drilled at the center of a paint nozzle spray port located at the tip of a paint nozzle (1) of a low-pressure spray gun so that these grooves are converged in the direction of spraying, and guide ...

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It is made possible to promptly determine an accurate parting line. Two-dimensional projection means (2) produces two-dimensional projection data (3) by projecting edges of a product shape represented by three-dimensional graphic data (1) onto a plane perpendicular to a mold opening direction. Parti ...