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An electronic settling system and method capable of executing settlements on the Internet in real time at a decreased cost is provided. The electronic settling system executes a settlement on the Internet (10) using a computer (1). The computer (1) comprises a storage means (1b) for storing financia ...

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A camera (1) at a first location produces images which, on the occurrence of an alarm condition from a sensor (8), are forwarded by a computer (2) as a web page to an Internet server (5). A message may be forwarded to a user via cellular telephone (3, 4). The user can access the web page from any co ...

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A communications terminal handset having a translucent outer casing and a light source arranged for illumination of a substantial area of the casing.

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By using monitoring data, feedback data, and pooling of failure data from a plurality of electronic devices, real-time failure prediction and diagnoses of electronic systems operating in a network environment can be achieved. First, the diagnostic system requests (S110,S120) data on the state of a m ...

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A stator for an alternator includes a stator winding including a number of winding sub-portions which are constituted by at least one winding assembly composed of a pair of first and second winding groups, the first winding group including a number of first winding sub-portions each having one turn ...


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A preventive or therapeutic agent for pancreatitis said agent comprising as an active ingredient an interleukin-6 (IL-6) antagonist such as an antibody directed against IL-6 receptor.

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The invention relates to a far-end crosstalk (FEXT) canceling circuit for a digital subscriber line transmission system, said transmission system comprising a plurality n of line termination (LT) modems (Mi) transmitting discrete multitone (DMT) symbols Si to corresponding network (NT) termination m ...

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An EMI filter feedthrough terminal assembly includes at least one conductive terminal pin, a feedthrough filter capacitor which has a passageway through which the terminal pin extends, and a conductive substrate through which the terminal pin passes in non-conductive relation. The conductive substra ...

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Novel means and methods are provided for the production of mammalian viruses, comprising infecting a culture of immortalized human cells with the virus, incubating the culture infected with virus to propagate the virus under conditions that permit growth of the virus, and to form a virus-containing ...