Mann Gregory, Hanson George, Fender William, Ryan Anthony John, Watt Paul William: Polyurethane shaped wound dressing. Johnson &Amp, Johnson Medical, June 20, 2001: GB2357286-A (29 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a process for the preparation of a shaped polyurethane foam article for use as or in a wound dressing, comprising the steps of: providing a last having a desired three-dimensional shape; applying an aqueous layer over the last; applying a layer of an isocyanate capped prepolym ...

Soee Joeergen Borch: Method of improving dough and bread quality. Danisco, June 20, 2001: EP1108360-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

Method of preparing a dough, the method comprising adding to the dough an enzyme that is capable of simultaneously hydrolysing a nonpolar lipid, a glycolipid and a phospholipid. One or more substrates for the enzyme may be added, e.g. galactolipids such as digalactodiglyceride (DGDG) or phospholipid ...

Litt Brian, Vachtsevanos George, Echauz Javier, Esteller Rosana: Method and apparatus for predicting the onset of seizures based on features derived from signals indicative of brain activity. Univ Emory, June 20, 2001: EP1107693-A1 (27 worldwide citation)

This invention is a method, and system for predicting the onset of a seizure prior to electrograph onset in an individual. During an "off-line" mode, signals representing brain activity of an individual (either stored or real time) are collected, and features are extracted from those signals. A subs ...

Dal Molin Renzo, Ripart Alain: Implantable active device of type multisite having means for resynchronization of ventricles. Ela Medical, June 20, 2001: EP1108446-A1 (25 worldwide citation)

Implantable stimulator has electrodes on at least two sites on left (VG) and right (VD) linked to a depolarisation detector and driven with a relative delay to minimize the desynchronize by assessment of the dynamic intra cardiac bioimpedance using an injected current.

Matsubayashi Don Hideyasu, Mizoguchi Hideo: System for retrieving and printing network documents. Canon, June 20, 2001: EP1109113-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

A method for providing print-by-reference functionality includes providing a web page from a printer's embedded web server to a web browser, receiving a URL entered into the provided web page, retrieving a printable document corresponding to the URL, and printing the retrieved document.

Bolcich Alejandro Juan Alfredo, Bolcich Diego Ignacio: Energy converter. Bolcich Alejandro Juan Alfredo, Bolcich Diego Ignacio, June 20, 2001: EP1108888-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a wind energy converter comprising a wind actuated rotor assembly rotatably mounted around a horizontal axis on the top of a support tower, the rotor assembly comprising two axially aligned and spaced apart rotors, each rotor comprising a plurality of blades, wherein the blade ...

Lyle Ian Gardner: Multilayered foaming spray product. Unilever, Unilever, June 20, 2001: EP1108421-A2 (23 worldwide citation)

A packaged product for dispensing a foamable liquid cleansing composition in the form of a mousse comprising a sealed container having a mechanically operable dispensing means which dispenses the cleansing composition as a mousse; and a multi-phase cleansing composition in the sealed container compr ...

Murakami Masaki, Matsushita Michiyo: Method of producing trunks type wearing articles. Uni Charm, June 20, 2001: EP1108372-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

In a process for making a trunks-type garment according to this invention, middle bodies 6, 7 defining a crotch region of trunks-type garment 1 are made from first and second sub-sheets obtained by cutting a main web continuously fed in one direction along a sinusoidal wave-like line extending longi ...

Maentyjaervi Jani Antero, Takaluoma Antti Ilkka, Tuomela Urpo Jalmari: Controlling a terminal of a communication system. Nokia Mobile Phones, June 20, 2001: EP1109382-A2 (22 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a terminal for a communication system. The terminal comprises detector means that are arranged to detect if there is a contact between at least one surface of the terminal and the skin of the user of the terminal. The detection means comprise at least two different d ...

Bobo Richard M Jr: System and method of electronic mail-based event scheduling. Alcatel Usa Sourcing, June 20, 2001: EP1109121-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

An electronic mail-based event scheduling system (10) of the present invention includes a message parser (20) accessing an electronic mail message (16) received from a sender, extracting scheduling information therefrom, and storing the extracted scheduling information in a predetermined format in a ...