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Novel polynucleotides derived from microorganisms belonging to coryneform bacteria and fragments thereof, polypeptides encoded by the polynucleotides and fragments thereof, polynucleotide arrays comprising the polynucleotides and fragments thereof, recording media in which the nucleotide sequences o ...

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A system and method for transporting user-restricted data from a gateway device to a handheld viewing device is provided. The gateway device includes an information translator, content filters, and storage. The information translator delivers content from an information database coupled to the gatew ...

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Ultrasonic instruments, and particularly solid core ultrasonic instruments, are advantageous because they may be used to cut and/or coagulate organic tissue using energy in the form of mechanical vibrations transmitted to a surgical end-effector at ultrasonic frequencies. The present invention provi ...

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A magnetic memory device comprises a memory cell assembled by first and second tunnel junction portions (11, 21) and a switch (31), each of the first and second tunnel junction portions being formed of a stack of a pinned layer in which a magnetization direction is fixed and a record layer in which ...

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An image is automatically assessed with respect to certain features, wherein the assessment is a determination of the degree of importance, interest or attractiveness of the image. First, a digital image is obtained corresponding to the image. Then one or more quantities are computed that are relate ...

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A semiconductor structure comprises a silicon substrate (10), one or more layers of single crystal oxides or nitrides (26), and an interface (14) between the silicon substrate and the one or more layers of single crystal oxides or nitrides, the interface manufactured with a crystalline material whic ...

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A stand alone battery module including: (a) a mechanical configuration; (b) a thermal management configuration; (c) an electrical connection configuration; and (d) an electronics configuration. Such a module is fully interchangeable in a battery pack assembly, mechanically, from the thermal manageme ...

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An EL display device capable of reducing an average film resistance of an anode in an EL device as well as displaying an image with high definition, and electrical equipment including such an EL display device are provided. A light-shielding metal film 109 is provided on an anode 108 so as to concea ...

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This invention discloses digital tampons comprising a substantially cylindrical mass of compressed fibers, the tampons having a fibrous core substantially surrounding the central axis of the tampons and an uneven number of 7 or 9 ribs which extend radially outwards from the core.

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A monolithic, multijunction photovoltaic cell (10; 30; 50; 80) is proposed, comprising: an active substrate subcell (11; 31; 51; 81) comprising one of Si, SiGe and pure Ge, said substrate subcell (11; 31; 51; 81) having a side and being characterized by a substrate subcell bandgap and a substrate su ...