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1H-Imidazopyridine derivatives represented by the following general formula or salts thereof: wherein R represents hydrogen atom, hydroxyl group, an alkyl group, a cycloalkyl group, styryl group, or an aryl group; R represents hydrogen atom, an alkyl group, a halogen atom, hydroxyl group, amino grou ...

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The present invention relates to a system that enables the nearly real-time transmission of messages originated and received from/by heterogeneous communication networks. The purpose of instant messaging is to transmit high priority messages in (nearly) real-time between clients (man and machine). U ...

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A multifunctional smart card (10) with microprocessor comprising a logical, physical and electrical interface (13, 12, 12a) compliant with the ISO standard 7816 for coupling and exchanging data with corresponding external reading equipment (15), and an internal reader (21) of magnetic cards (22) mou ...

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A wireless local area network comprising a plurality of computing entities communicating over a common communications frequency within a local area network operates a transmission deferral method whereby each computing entity defers its own transmissions if it receives a signal at said communication ...

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Messages are transmitted in nearly real-time in a distributed system. The message transmission system comprises a first message gateway (4) receiving a message from a sending client (9). Meta information is extracted by the first message gateway (4) from the received message and the meta information ...

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The present invention relates to methods and systems for playing games and lottery that involve making bets on information elements from a predetermined games set. This invention essentially involves creating a game set comprising N>1 information elements by creating a set of N non-repetitive inform ...

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To provide an extremely highly reliable coin identifying method and an apparatus, capable of exactly identifying a clad coin without having to pay attention to what kind it belongs to. It employs an eddy current loss detecting type magnetic sensor comprising coils, which said magnetic sensor being f ...

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Red emitting luminescent material with a host lattice of the nitridosilicate type MxSiyNz:Eu, wherein M is at least one of an alkaline earth metal chosen from the group Ca, Sr, Ba and wherein z = 2/3x + 4/3y.

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An electronic trading system includes a plurality of trader terminals for receiving credit parameter data, arbitrage parameter data, and trading data from a trading entity and displaying trade information to the trading entity. The trading data includes bid and/or offer information input by the trad ...

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The cage consists of a disc-shaped spacer (1) with two opposite faces (2, 3) linked by a side wall (13) and a rotary anchor plate (4) connected to the spacer by a spindle (20) passing through an aperture (21) in the spacer wall. The spindle is fixed in place relative to the spacer wall by a lock (26 ...