Keith L Milliman, Frank J Viola, Joseph Orban III, Randolph F Lehn: Surgical stapling apparatus. Dilworth & Barrese, June 5, 2001: US06241139 (906 worldwide citation)

A surgical stapling device particularly suited for endoscopic procedures is described. The device can be used with both articulating and non-articulating disposable loading units and has a sensing mechanism for sensing the type of disposable loading unit secured to the device.

Gregory L Ruff: Barbed Bodily tissue connector. Quill Medical, Michael G Johnston, Moore & Van Allen PLLC, June 5, 2001: US06241747 (737 worldwide citation)

A barbed tissue connector is disclosed for use in closing a body wound. The connector includes an elongated body and a pointed end to facilitate insertion of the connector into tissue. A plurality of closely-spaced barbs are disposed on the body from the pointed end of the connector to a predetermin ...

Robert M Scribner, Michael L Reo, Mark A Reiley, Ryan Boucher: Systems and methods for placing materials into bone. Kyphon, Ryan Kromholz & Manjon S C, June 5, 2001: US06241734 (555 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods for delivering material into bone deploy a cannula through soft tissue to establish a subcutaneous path into bone. A material is introduced into bone through the cannula. The systems and methods advance a tamping instrument through the cannula to urge material residing in the can ...

John Y Yan: Method of manufacturing a medicated porous metal prosthesis. Advanced Cardiovascular Systems, Fulwider Patton Lee & Utecht, June 5, 2001: US06240616 (489 worldwide citation)

A method of manufacturing a medicated prosthesis such as a stent. The method includes forming a stent out of porous metal and loading a therapeutic agent into the pores of the metal. In one embodiment the stent is formed from a sintered metal wire, sheet, or tube and can include adding a coating to ...

Bruce D Elliot: Anytime/anywhere child locator system. MCI Communications Corporation, June 5, 2001: US06243039 (473 worldwide citation)

A system that tracks the current and historical locations of a GPS locator device carried by a person provides widely available access to data referencing these locations, so that a parent can easily and frequently monitor the location of a child. Monitoring of a child's location may be conduct ...

Jerome F McAleer, Manuel Alvarez Icaza, Geoff Hall, Elliot V Plotkin, David Scott, Oliver W H Davies: Disposable test strips with integrated reagent/blood separation layer. Inverness Medical Technology, Oppedahl & Larson, June 5, 2001: US06241862 (449 worldwide citation)

An improved disposable glucose test strip for use in a test meter of the type which receives a disposable test strip and a sample of blood from a patient and performs an electrochemical analysis is made using a non-conductive integrated reagent/blood separation layer containing a filler, an enzyme e ...

Alan S Fisher, Samuel Jerrold Kaplan: Method and system for processing and transmitting electronic auction information. Onsale, Adam H Tachner, Crosby Heafey Roach & May, June 5, 2001: US06243691 (434 worldwide citation)

A system and method for conducting a multi-person, interactive auction, in a variety of formats, without using a human auctioneer to conduct the auction. The system is preferably implemented in software. The system allows a group of bidders to interactively place bids over a computer or communicatio ...

Joseph D Gresser, Debra J Trantolo, Robert S Langer, Kai Uwe Lewandrowski, Alexander M Klibanov, Donald L Wise: Resorbable interbody spinal fusion devices. Cambridge Scientific, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, June 5, 2001: US06241771 (410 worldwide citation)

A resorbable interbody fusion device for use in spinal fixation is disclosed. The device is composed of 25-100% bioresorbable or resorbable material. The interbody fusion device of the invention can be in any convenient form, such as a wedge, screw or cage. Preferably, the resorbable device of the i ...

James D Hempleman, Sandra M Hempleman, Neil A Schneider: List building system. Premier International, Rockey Milnamow & Katz, June 5, 2001: US06243725 (402 worldwide citation)

A system implementable using a programmable processor includes a plurality of pre-stored commands for building an inventory of audio, musical, works or audio/visual works, such as music videos. A plurality of works can be collected together in a list for purposes of establishing a play or a presenta ...

Lawrence J Torango: Progressive wagering system. Ian F Burns, June 5, 2001: US06241608 (390 worldwide citation)

A linked progressive gaming system and method of operation is disclosed that is capable of accepting wagers in different currencies and different denominations of the same currency and allowing players in diverse locations to play for common progressive prizes. The system periodically computes each ...

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