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A system employs a sliding window panel that contains icons representing every task that has been opened into a window, regardless of the workspace in which it exists. A user may use the sliding window panel to launch, terminate, hide, or resize windows in the workspaces.

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In a coordinate detection period, a first electrode drive circuit sequentially selects source electrodes Sn of the TFT LCD panel to connect the same to an x-signal current amplifying circuit, and to apply an AC voltage to the non-selected electrodes. The x-signal current amplifying circuit detects a ...

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A method, apparatus and article of manufacture for computer-implemented creation of an index in a database system is defined, wherein a structured document, interactively entered by an operator or already stored in the database system, is parsed into at least one corresponding element, then abstract ...

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A power MOSFET or other semiconductor device contains a layer of silicon combined with germanium to reduce the on-resistance of the device. The proportion of germanium in the layer is typically in the range of 1-40%. To achieve desired characteristics the concentration of germanium in the Si-Ge laye ...

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A method of forming a memory array. The method includes forming a plurality of first conductivity type semiconductor pillars upon a substrate. Each pillar has a top and a side surface. The method includes forming a plurality of first source/drain regions, of a second conductivity type. Each of the f ...

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A biosignal monitoring system including a plurality of sensors for disposition in predetermined positions on the body of a test subject; each sensor having contact surfaces shaped and arranged to detect a particular biosignal generated in the body, a sensor transceiver, a sensor antenna, a voltage s ...

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The present invention provides a personal information system unit detachable case. This case has a top cover assembly, a bottom cover assembly, both of which are pivotable around a longitudinal axis forming a hinge assembly. The top and bottom cover assemblies are similar in shape and function to al ...

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Microfluidic devices are provided for the performance of chemical and biochemical analyses, syntheses and detection. The devices of the invention combine precise fluidic control systems with microfabricated polymeric substrates to provide accurate, low cost miniaturized analytical devices that have ...

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A game which two or more players can play, such as cards and mahjong, is played by connecting a home TV game machine with portable game machines having displays, where images for a common field are displayed on the TV, and private hands of a player, which should be concealed from the other players, ...

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A skin seal or trocar stabilizer with an inflatable membrane disposed inside, whereby medical instruments may be passed through the skin seal into a endoscopic work space while the inflatable membrane is inflated, thereby allowing the use of normal short conventional open surgery instruments during ...