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The present invention provides a thin film write head having an improved laminated flux carrying structure and method of fabrication. The preferred embodiment provides laminated layers of: high moment magnetic material, and easily aligned high resistivity magnetic material. In the preferred embodime ...

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A surgical biopsy instrument for the extraction of at least one tissue sample from a body is disclosed having a piercing needle for penetrating the body. The piercing needle has a distal piercing tip and an open proximal end and a passageway extending therebetween. The piercing needle has at least o ...

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A universal machine translator of arbitrary languages enables the semantic, or meaningful, translation of arbitrary languages with zero loss of meaning of the source language in the target language translation, which loss is typical in prior art human and machine translations. The universal machine ...

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A system and method for providing telephony communication through a packet switched data network such as the Internet and an organization having telephone and computer terminals connected to a local area network. Selectable security is provided for the telephony applications through the use of an ac ...

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Methods and apparatus for treating vascular abnormalities in highly tortuous vessels are provided comprising a stent having at least one end region that engages a first portion of a circumference of a vessel in a region adjacent to an abnormality to anchor the stent, and a mid-region that engages a ...

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The navigational system, device and method of the present invention provide navigational information to the user derived from data signals received from a plurality of transmitters (

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A method and system for generating variable modality child windows. An application is executed utilizing a graphical user interface (GUI) which enables a parent window. One or more child windows may be available to the user during execution. The level of modality of the child window is determined du ...

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The present invention provides for an electro-surgical instrument with a rich graphical user interface (GUI) capability and a verifiable hardware and software platform meeting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements. The rich GUI makes for a device which is more easily operated than prior ar ...

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An injection member for a jet spray injection device through which device a dose of medicine is administered for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection has a jet nozzle designed as a skin-penetrating member having a length of 0.05-0.3 mm enabling it just to penetrate the stratum corneum.

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A pigment-based ink composition for ink jet recording is provided which can offer prints having excellent scratch resistance and free from uneven printing. Ink jet recording is carried out using an ink composition comprising a pigment and an inorganic oxide colloid in combination. Further, the use o ...