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A method and system for establishing and maintaining a secure TCP/IP session between a server (

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A multimedia time warping system. The invention allows the user to store selected television broadcast programs while the user is simultaneously watching or reviewing another program. A preferred embodiment of the invention accepts television (TV) input streams in a multitude of forms, for example, ...

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A method is provided for continually or continuously measuring the concentration of target chemical analytes present in a biological system, and processing analyte-specific signals to obtain a measurement value that is closely correlated with the concentration of the target chemical analyte in the b ...

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A method for awarding bonuses over a gaming network having a plurality of gaming machines interconnected by a network. Play is allowed to occur on the plurality of gaming machines. A bonus period is initiating for which a bonus-triggering event (e.g. a winning combination) and an initial bonus amoun ...

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PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electrosurgical instrument and an electrosurgical tool converter capable of limiting the supply of energy to a place of a requesting tissue without giving an excessive damage to the tissue. SOLUTION: This electrosurgical instrument has coaxial inner and outer cyli ...

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A slot machine is configured to have a main game comprising a video reel slot arrangement with at least five reels and at least nine paylines and a secondary event selection game comprising a selection game. Whenever the player achieves a combination of symbols on the main game that awards the playe ...

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Medial device comprising a housing, a magnetic detection probe, for detecting a plurality of magnetic fields, a biometric unit and a controller, connected to said magnetic detection probe, said biometric unit and said storage unit, wherein said controller receives magnetic field detection informatio ...

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Disclosed is a closure catheter, for closing a body cavity such as a vessel, or the left atrial appendage of the heart. The closure catheter includes a plurality of deployable tissue anchors, which may be laterally deployed into surrounding tissue. The anchors may thereafter be used to draw the tiss ...

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An online centralized financial products exchange system. The invention is a system, method and computer program product that creates a “marketplace” for end-to-end financial products life cycle transactions. More particularly, the invention provides a centralized exchange system for the trading of ...