Lynam Niall R, Heslin Patrick: Vehicle interior mirror assembly. Donnelly, May 9, 2001: EP1097848-A2 (107 worldwide citation)

A vehicle interior rearview mirror assembly comprises a housing (10) having a front end (12) releasably attached to the interior surface of the vehicle windshield and a rear end (44) having a ball (32) and socket joint (36) for a rearview mirror unit (34). An internal wall (16) subdivides the interi ...

Ruffieux Patrick: Casing for small size instrument with manually removable back cover. Asulab, May 9, 2001: EP1098231-A1 (87 worldwide citation)

The watch casing (1) has a back (46) fixed in the body (2) by a retaining plate (50) or stirrup carrying fixing rails (5,6) slid from one side with lips (7) engaged in a slot in the back and a clip (60) to hold the back.

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An ink storage chamber (36) has an indicator formed from magnetic material. A float member (50) whose upper position is limited is housed in the ink storage chamber (36). Two magnetic-field detection system are provided at a position on the exterior of a sub-tank (3), at which the detection system c ...

Gallagher Joseph Shannon: Urinary sphincter device. Biosil, May 9, 2001: GB2355937-A (30 worldwide citation)

An implantable sphincter device 1 suitable for use in occluding a body passage (4; Fig 5). The device comprises an inflatable, flexible cuff 2 adapted to be position around a body passage (4). The cuff 2 is formed and arranged when inflated with fluid 6 to close around and shut the body passage (4; ...

Ding Ni: Method of making a medical device with porous surface for controlled drug release. Schneider, May 9, 2001: EP1096902-A1 (28 worldwide citation)

The medical devices of the invention comprise a portion having a porous surface for release of at least one biologically active agent therefrom. The porous surface is made of a material such as a polymer having a plurality of voids. To load the porous surface with a biologically active agent or drug ...

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A catadioptric objective of axial symmetry with two intermediate images achieving high resolution and to be used advantageously in the VUV region for microscopy or microlithography. The objective comprises a first refractive partial objective (S1) which generates a first intermediate image in the ce ...

Oross Glen A, Helot Jacques H: Track pad pointing device with areas of specialized function. Hewlett Packard Co, May 9, 2001: EP1098241-A2 (25 worldwide citation)

Prescribed areas of a track pad surface are dedicated to one or more prescribed or programmable pointing, clicking, scrolling or hot-key functions. These specialized touch sensing areas are adjacent to a main touch sensing area, and include a tactile cue such as a textured border or textured surface ...

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The present invention relates to compositions and methods of achieving a thereapeutic effect including, the treatment or prevention of syndrome X in an animal, preferably a mammal including a human subject or a companion animal, using a corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) antagonist alone or togeth ...

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A unicompartmental knee prosthesis comprises a femoral component, a meniscal component 20 and a tibial component 30. The tibial component has a planar superior surface portion 34 surrounded by an upstanding lip 36 and the meniscal component has a planar inferior surface 24 of smaller anterior-poster ...

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Cooling and cleaning of gasified crude gas produced by the gasification of fuel, residual material and waste material comprises accelerating the gas to be cooled and cleaned from the gasification chamber in a tapering pipe to speeds of 30-150, preferably 50-100 m/s, in which a coolant is added to th ...