Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Young Kim, Belgacem Haba, Vernon Solberg: Stacked microelectronic assembly and method therefor. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, May 1, 2001: US06225688 (248 worldwide citation)

A stacked microelectronic assembly and its resulting structure includes a flexible substrate having a plurality of attachment sites, test contacts and conductive terminals, and including a wiring layer with leads extending to the attachment sites. The assembly includes a plurality of microelectronic ...

Edgar Downs, George Gregory Gruse, Marco M Hurtado, Christopher T Lehman, Kenneth Louis Milsted, Jeffrey B Lotspiech: Electronic content delivery system. International Business Machines Corporation, Steven J Meyers, Steven J Soucar, Fleit Kain Gibbons Gutman & Bongini P L, May 1, 2001: US06226618 (1401 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a method and apparatus of securely providing data to a user's system. The data is encrypted so as to only be decryptable by a data decrypting key, the data decrypting key being encrypted using a first public key, and the encrypted data being accessible to the user's system, th ...

Jason Mayeroff: Multi-spin rotating wheel bonus for video slot machine. Battle Born Gaming, John Edward Roethel, May 1, 2001: US06224483 (826 worldwide citation)

A slot machine is configured to have a main game comprising a multi-reel payline mechanical reel or video reel slot arrangement with at least five reels and five or more paylines and a secondary event game comprising a rotating wheel bonus game. Whenever the player achieves a combination of symbols ...

Nicholas Luke Bennett: Slot machine game-progressive jackpot with decrementing jackpot. Aristocrat Technologies Australia, Roseman & Colin, May 1, 2001: US06224482 (695 worldwide citation)

A random prize awarding system associated with a gaming console is provided in which the gaming console is arranged to play a first game or a second game, the first game being a standard game normally offered on the console and the second game being a jackpot game offered for play when the player ha ...

Qi Bin Bao, Hansen A Yuan: Implantable tissue repair device. Advanced Bio Surfaces, Fredrikon & Byron P A, May 1, 2001: US06224630 (532 worldwide citation)

A surgical device and related method and kit for use in sealing a biological aperture in situ. In one embodiment, the device is provided in the form of an expandable, porous material such as poly(vinyl alcohol).

Yoichi Okuda, Koichi Ozaki, Takashi Yamaguchi, Keiichi Yoshida, Junichi Sasa: Progressive gaming system. Konami, Jordan and Hamburg, May 1, 2001: US06224484 (514 worldwide citation)

A progressive gaming system comprises a plurality of gaming machines, each of which is constructed to perform a predetermined main game in response to an operation of a player and gives a prize to the player when a winning combination is formed in the main game; and a progressive unit for counting a ...

Arthur A Schein, Paul Aron, Dan A Demeter, Faraz Ataie, Frank Bamberger, John McGlynn, Florence Musalo, Margot Paul, John Poplizio, Lucila, Michael Tsien, Michael Yorke: Global financial services integration system and process. Citibank N A, George T Marcou, Kilpatrick Stockton, May 1, 2001: US06226623 (453 worldwide citation)

A global standard messaging system and process for allowing customers to access a full range of global financial services using a variety of access points. The system includes a global communications network that integrates customer information and makes the information accessible from remote locati ...

Gary K Michelson: Instrumentation and method for creating an intervertebral space for receiving an implant. Martin & Ferraro, May 1, 2001: US06224607 (439 worldwide citation)

A surgical instrument set for use in spinal surgery for forming a substantially quadrilateral space in the spine for implanting a spinal implant at least in part into and at least in part across a disc space between adjacent vertebral bodies and methods of use are disclosed. The instrument set inclu ...


Jay S Walker, James A Jorasch: Database driven online distributed tournament system. Walker Digital, Dean Alderucci, Joseph F Haag, May 1, 2001: US06224486 (397 worldwide citation)

A method and a system for a distributed electronic tournament system in which many remotely located players participate in a tournament through input/output devices connected to a central controller which manages the tournament. The method includes the steps of (a) uniquely identifying a player comm ...