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A method and apparatus for providing streaming content over telephones is described. The creation of a voice portal is supported by the invention. Embodiments of the invention use allows users to place a telephone call to access the voice portal. The user can access many different types of content. ...

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An interface protocol for the functional manipulation of complex devices such as personal telecommunication devices without the necesity of the visual feedback via textual or graphic data, wherein the sensor functions change with time rather than placement, so that a user action biases a binary stat ...

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A cleaning system that utilizes an organic cleaning solvent and pressurized fluid solvent is disclosed. The system has no conventional evaporative hot air drying cycle. Instead, the system utilizes the solubility of the organic solvent in pressurized fluid solvent as well as the physical properties ...

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Drug delivery cannulae (50) are disclosed. One embodiment of a cannula includes a distal portion (52) having a radius of curvature substantially equal to a radius of curvature of the globe of the human eye, a proximal portion (54), and a bend separating the distal portion and the proximal portion. A ...

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The invention is directed to a method of making carboxylated cellulose fibers whose fiber strength and degree of polymerization is not significantly sacrificed. The method involves the use of cyclic nitroxide free radical compounds as a primary oxidant and a hypohalite salt as a secondary oxidant in ...

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An improved transfer set assembly for transferring fluids between a first container, such as a medicament vial and a second container, such as a syringe, which includes an integral polymeric transfer assembly having a tubular collar portion, a radial portion overlying the rim of the first container, ...

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(EN) The invention relates to an antenna, especially for a mobile radiotelephone appliance, with an antenna structure which is provided with at least one contacting location. According to the invention, the antenna structure is provided with at least two contacting locations that are spaced apart fr ...

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To produce meta-type aromatic polyamide filaments having a good quality from a polymer solution of a meta-type aromatic polyamide produced by a solution polymerization method, with high efficiency, (1) a meta-type aromatic polyamide is prepared by polymerization-reacting a meta-type aromatic diamine ...

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Genes involved in double-stranded RNA interference (RNAi pathway genes) are identified and used to investigate the RNAi pathway. The genes and their products are also useful for modulating RNAi pathway activity.

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In a method of applying a label (22) to a compact disc (38), the label having at a side surface an adhesive layer (24) provided with a covering sheet, the compact disc is fixed with regard to its position on a support surface (6) having an engagement device (4) for defining the label in relation to ...