Seher Jens Peter, Pross Gerhard: Pressure-variation fluid transport for body-fluid analysis. Agilent Technologies, April 25, 2001: EP1093854-A1 (137 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is the sensing a sample fluid. The sample fluid is first provided into a cartridge (400), and the cartridge (400) inserted into a reading device (420). A pressure variation is provided in the cartridge (400), and the sample fluid will be moved to a sensing element (140) by using the provid ...

Kaladelfos George: Kaladelfos George, April 25, 2001: EP1093758-A1 (103 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a surgical instrument (10) for inserting an elongate element (56) into a human patient. In the preferred form of the invention the instrument has a curved hollow shaft (12) defining an arc corresponding to the general curvature of a passage between the anterior vaginal wall an ...

Strobel Michael Pd Dr Med, Weiler Andreas Dr, Timmermans Andre: Interference screw. Storz Karl & Co Kg, April 25, 2001: EP1093774-A1 (99 worldwide citation)

The interference screw (10) has a main body (12) which has a head-end (16) and an insertion-end (18), and external thread (20). Near the insertion end, the thread is sharp, and is blunt at the adjoining part. The screw body at the insertion end tapers down and the sharp thread extends as far as the ...

Strobel Michael Dr Med, Weiler Andreas Dr, Timmermans Andre: Biodegradable fixation device. Storz Karl & Co Kg, April 25, 2001: EP1093773-A1 (92 worldwide citation)

The biodegradable fixture (10) has a main body (12) on the outside of which are anchor elements (19). The main body has perforations (32) by means of which bone material can grow into the main body. The perforations are in the form of continuous holes (34) in a wall(36) of a hollow body. The main bo ...

Bailey John, Lewis Steve: Improvements in verifying printed security substrates. Innovative Technology, April 25, 2001: GB2355522-A (86 worldwide citation)

Verifying the authenticity of a printed security substrate (50), such as a banknote or a bank cheque in a banknote validator comprises measuring the spectral response of the substrate (50) and relating the results at two spaced apart wavelengths to determine a quantity representative of the authenti ...

Annamaa Petteri, Mikkola Jyrki: Internal antenna for an apparatus. Filtronic Lk Oy, April 25, 2001: EP1094545-A2 (62 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an antenna structure to be installed inside small-sized radio apparatus. A conventional PIFA-type structure is extended such that on top of the ground plane (210) there will be instead of one at least two radiating planes (220, 230) on top of each other. There is between the ...

Kuhn Roland, Junqua Jean Claude, Davis Tony, Li Weiying, Zhao Yi: System and method for accessing tv-related information over the internet. Matsushita Electric, April 25, 2001: EP1094406-A2 (60 worldwide citation)

The system retrieves information from the internet using multiple search engines that are simultaneously launched by the search engine commander. The commander is responsive to a speech-enabled system including a speech recognizer and natural language parser. The user speaks to the system in natural ...

Tsuji Yuichi: Liquid silicone rubber composition and method for manufacture and method for manufacturing foamed silicone rubber. Dow Corning Toray Silicone, April 25, 2001: EP1094091-A1 (51 worldwide citation)

A liquid silicone rubber composition that is easy to work with in mixing and that upon curing becomes a foamed silicone rubber with a low specific gravity and low thermal conductivity, a method for manufacturing this composition, and a method for manufacturing a foamed silicone rubber. The liquid si ...

Pfeifer Rudolf, Mueller Gerhard, Noelke Michael, Krebs Gerhard: Refuse receptacle with pedal-operated lid. Loh Kg Hailo Werk, April 25, 2001: EP1094017-A1 (45 worldwide citation)

The pedal bin has a damping device (10) fitted under the lid which slows down the lid when it is shutting. This consists of a rack and pinion system, the rack being attached to the rod (130) which opens the lid (11) when the pedal (120) depressed and the pinion being mounted under the lid.

Esmoris Rodriguez Maria Jesus: Mixing machine for dyes and creams. Esmoris Rodriguez Maria Jesus, April 25, 2001: EP1093842-A1 (36 worldwide citation)

The machine is foreseen for mixing dyes or creams for hair, or other cosmetic products or beauty products, including a pair of rotating drums (6-6'), both of which are equipped with a number of beakers (7) located on their periphery and vertically aligned, each one of which receives a cartridge cont ...