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A method for providing bonus jackpot payoffs during a bonus mode time period in a system of linked gaming machines interconnected to a controller. Eligible gaming machines are determined at the time the bonus time period starts. Once the bonus mode time period starts, a portion of the eligible gamin ...

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A percutaneous agent sampling device and method are provided. The device comprises a collector and a sheet having a plurality of microblades for piercing the skin for increasing transdermal flux of an agent.

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A system and method for pushing information from a host system to a mobile data communication device upon sensing a triggering event is disclosed. A redirector program operating at the host system enables a user to continuously redirect certain user-selected data items from the host system to the us ...

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An indoor environmental condition control and energy management system includes a plurality of inputs. A user input receives user input parameters including a desired indoor environmental condition range for at least one energy unit price point. An indoor environmental condition input receives a sen ...

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A method and system for generating displays related to the play of Baccarat is provided. Cards dealt to each of the Banker's and Player's hands are identified as by scanning and data signals are generated. The card identification data signals are processed to determine the outcome of the h ...

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An access control system (a firewall) controls traffic to and from a local network. The system is implemented on a dedicated network device such as a router positioned between a local network and an external network, usually the Internet, or between one or more local networks. In this procedure, acc ...

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A biometric authentication system is provided which includes a dual input reader, the inputs consisting of stored physiological data of a user on a chip disposed on a smart card, and a fingerprint scan for comparison against the stored data. The system is self-contained so that the comparison of the ...

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An improved catheter system and methods for ablating cardiac tissues via a steerable ablation catheter having a liquid-permeable shaft, a liquid-permeable electrode, or a distal opening at its tip section with fluid infusion and irrigation for ablating intracardiac tissues by applying radiofrequency ...

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A system for providing an on-screen electronic resource guide (ERG) includes an audio/visual display device; plural peripheral devices, each having an active mode and an inactive mode; an interface located between said audio/visual device and said peripheral devices; and an ERG generator for providi ...

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The present invention provides a highly scalable architecture for a three-dimensional graphical, multi-user, interactive virtual world system. A plurality of users can interact in the three-dimensional, computer-generated graphical space where each user executes a client process to view a virtual wo ...