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An irrigation system for use during endoscopic or minimally invasive surgery is shown. Both vacuum and a pressurized irrigation fluid are continually provided to a trumpet valve for immediate use during surgery. A pump that provides the pressurized irrigation fluid has a reusable motor, but a dispos ...

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A scroll compressor includes a capacity modulation system. The capacity modulation system has a piston that is connected to the non-orbiting scroll that disengages the non-orbiting scroll from the orbiting scroll when a pressure chamber is placed in communication with the suction chamber of the comp ...

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A wireless communication system for interacting with a virtual space. The wireless system may include some or all of the following: a mobile station, a server supporting the virtual space, a gateway, a game center, and a game service. The virtual space may be an interactive fiction game where the us ...

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A method for downlink capacity enhancement in a wireless communications system comprising a base station with antenna array and terminals that are physically remote from said base station, the method comprising steps of: receiving at said base station antenna array combinations of arriving signals f ...

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A hand-held control device (10) for controlling a terminal (30) connectable by a communications network to an addressed resource. The device (10) comprises address input means for scanning and recognising a text address (26) of the resource, such as a URL, e-mail address or telephone number, and com ...

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The present invention relates to an apparatus for deploying and endoluminal prosthesis. The apparatus includes a flexible compressible push rod that allows the catheter to be easily maneuvered through tortuous vessels while providing sufficient deployment force.

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A transdermal delivery device includes a plurality of microneedles for injecting a substance such as a pharmaceutical agent into or below the stratum corneum of the skin. The device has housing formed from a top and bottom wall to define a chamber for containing a pharmaceutical agent. An inlet port ...

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A system and a method for providing an optimized text interface to and for the customization of an interactive game based on mobile station activity. The interactive game of the presently preferred embodiment is played in a wireless environment using a mobile station as a user interface. The game is ...

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An absorbent article with a pair of longitudinal front grooves and a continuously or non-continuously formed rear groove in the width wise direction of the article wherein the rear groove has a two-stage depth of concaved small groove parts and shallowly concaved areas, the distance between the rear ...

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A refrigerant circulation circuit circulates a refrigerant discharged from a compressor (1) through a condenser (3) to an evaporator (5). A current sensor (15) detects an operating current for the compressor (1). A microcomputer (7) judges an operating condition of the compressor (1) based on a resu ...