Eric Won
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An automated bank teller machine (ATM) is provided which is characteristically easy to configure, regardless of whether a replenish-from-the-front (RFTF) configuration or a replenish-from-the-rear (RFTR) configuration is chosen. In particular, the ATM according to the present invention includes a se ...

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A system for monitoring and/or affecting parameters of a patient's body and more particularly to such a system comprised of a system control unit (SCU) and one or more other devices, preferably battery-powered, implanted in the patient's body, i.e., within the envelope defined by the patie ...

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A signal processor which acquires a first signal, including a first desired signal portion and a first undesired signal portion, and a second signal, including a second desired signal portion and a second undesired signal portion, wherein the first and second desired signal portions are correlated. ...


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Method and apparatus for obtaining a sample of blood from a patient for subsequent diagnostic tests, e.g., glucose monitoring. In one aspect of the invention, the method comprises the steps of:


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A method is disclosed for facilitating group play by a team of members associated with a casino slot club. The method includes the steps of identifying the team members, identifying a set of rules designated by the team for rewarding the team members when a payout is due to one of the team members, ...

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A suture applying device comprises a shaft having a nose piece attached at its distal end. The shaft and the nose piece are separated by a transition region, and a needle entry lumen in the shaft permits a flexible needle to be introduced in the distal direction. The needle is able to cross the tran ...